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Memory for Infinitys....also PSU questions

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I have 3 questions first

is this good memory for an Infinity 4 ultra board


and are infinitys as picky as lanpartys when it comes to ram


and another for PSU, is the antec truepower 550watt psu eps good for these boards?


and another newbish question, when changing out memory, do u have to reformat your computer

also Im gonna take my extra dell memory I have now (somehow runs with my infinity n4 board, it's a 512 stick)

and I was gonna add it to my friends 256 she has in her dell, would adding it......like cause hers to mess up it should be the same brand, or maybe i could replace hers with mine, would it cause hers to mess or or mainly would she have to reformat or reset her computer......I mean it's a dell branded memory.


mainyl wonderingh if u have to reformat or reinstall windows to change or swap or add memory

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no you don't have to reformat or reinstall to swap or upgrade modules... that said, some pre-built computers have goofy memory requirement (older Compaqs come to mind) and are really fussy about what you try and stick in there...

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