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Mobile GPU

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A bit off topic i know,,,,but, i may be getting a laptop, and wondered, how good is the new intel gma900? i always said if got a laptop i would get one with mobility version of geforce or radeon. but it seems that the gma900 is finiding its way into the top of the range pentium m laptops. is it really that good to be included in the topline laptops?



Id be buying a bottom range one, however, but even these have the gma900, now i liek the pentium m, but it seems i would have to get an amd based laptop to get the ati or nv graphics i wanted. so i suppose my overall question is,,,,,,how does the gma900 compare to say an ati x600 mobile version? is it really that far behind?


any other pointers would be appreciated. cheers boys. (and girls)

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