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Trackings down Opteron steppings, from where and when?

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Alright everyone, it seems its just a pain to find out what steppings you will get where. Now if you can please contribute and tell us where you bought your opty, oem, retail, and when. I hope to trackdown where to get the best stepping opterons from. Also if you can post your prime stable 24hr overclock, air or water.


So for example:


Opteron 146


Zipzoomfly, Retail

Stable Oc 2.95, Prime-Air

Max 3.3 Super-Pi, Water

Ordered on Nov 11




146, CABYE 0540FPBW, ZZF, R, 2.95P-A, 3.3 S-W, Nov 11



Hopefully we can chart out the best place to get them, and chart the steppings Oc capabilites. If you want be more specific, or post link to image.

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Useless to try to track these.... Dealers have been getting such small batches of Opeterons in that even if you order ont he same day thats no indication of what stepping you may get.....

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Guest st_clancy

Bump, i'm wanting to buy an opty please ppl with opty's respond to this thread with your stepping and where you got it.. thanks! =] I'm really looking into zipzoomfly, if anyone has purchased from them

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I got a 146 CAB2E 0540something (I'd have to look) from Tankguys a couple months ago. They actually told me the stepping before I ordered.

lol.. perfect example of why this thread will never work... although I really wish it would. If retailers listed the steppings, then problem solved. but they wont...


Unless you're talking about Tankguys, or Dave Graham (www.flickerdown.com). With them, you are able to find out exactly what they have before you order. (Hot tip: They are both getting some more 165's next week!)


Otherwise, the other retailers are just too big to bother.


I wrote Monarch, ZipZoomfly, NewEgg, and Tigerdirect, and they ALL stated that giving me stepping info is impossible for them...


so GL!

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Guest tytlyf

the best bet is to find out from those smaller dealers. If they are willing to tell you before you buy, you cant beat that. Otherwise, we can tell you where we got ours, but that isn't guaranteed anyways.



148 cabye 0542

newegg oem

3.2 ss air

24/7 2.9 1.5v

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