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Modding My DFI Rig

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Been modding my yellow and black themed DFI rig....


Put in a 7800 GTX

Put in an X-Fi sound Card

Mounted an 80 mm side fan on a manufactured bracket in the case

Both the side fan and CPU fan have air ducts bringing in cool air directly from the side-----the air ducts are mounted to the side window.

Cut in a top "Blowhole"

Went to 2 x 1 Gig Ballistix allowing me to go to 1T timings with 2 megs RAM

Added an HP 16X LightScribe Drive

Reworked some of the cabling.

Painted some more things yellow-----knobs, buttons etc.

Added special DFI decals which I manufactured myself.


The 4800+ X2 is very steady at 2.827 Ghz------and runs very quiet....Hope you like it.....John













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althought the blow hole might be "short-circuiting" your airflow, that's a pretty clean setup... nice job


How so??


Cool air in from side and front


Hot air out top back and top


I'm pretty good with airflow dynamics----but will admit I did not check this with a smoke test...

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Nice job. Although, I'd think it'll look much cooler with a watercooling setup, and yellow UV dye with a blacklight. ;)




that WOULD look good.....




Got me a thinkin......

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Just checked out the old pictures you posted, and again, WOW~! Great job and wonderful attention to detail. By far one of my favorite mods of all time. :nod:

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