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Opteron 165 (hard to find anything)

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I am currently in the process of making a good game PC setup. At the moment I have a prometeia mach 1 cooling set and I wish to seriously overclock my system.


My current list contains:


Mobo: DFI LanParty UT NF4 SLI-DR Expert, nForce4 SLI

Proc: AMD Opteron 165 (S939, 1,8GHz, 2MB, Boxed)

PSU: AOpen AO700-12ALN, 700W (ATX 2.0)

RAM: 512MB x 2 (1GB) PC3200 DDR, CL1.5 (GeIL, GOS1GB3200DC)

Harddisk: Hitachi Deskstar T7K250, 250GB (7200rpm, SATA II, 8MB)


Now I am trying to find some information about the 165 because with this setup it would be a shame if the stepping I got isnt good.


I've noticed there arent many people that have overclocked (or use) this processor but I hope someone can tell me which stepping is the best.


Next to that, whats the state with the Opteron 165 and the cold bug? I heard the some Opterons have this bug.


Thanks in advance!

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what video card are you going with will make a big difference in a gaming rig too... cpu only scales it so far then it's up to the video card to do all that sexy antialiasing and anisotrphic filtering

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I must admit that I havent searched thouroughly on the "cold bug" yet but wanted to find more about the steppings (and their maximum potential) before i'd study this bug.


Checking the link though i'm slightly shocked that "0531" and beyond has a coldbug.


Trying to find something on www.ectforums.com (forum of the manufactuer of the Prometeia) resulted in the site being unavailable. Is it at all possible to alter the cooling degrees? Currently my prometeia cools under a constant -40 degrees (even under full stress), if it could be brought to 0 degrees I would counter coldbug succesfully.

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