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Problem with Karajan Audio

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I got a new case and I decided to hook up the front panel audio on it, got all the wires plugged into the Karajan card, and it worked great. Then I tried the mic side by just looping the line in to the line out and playing a couple seconds of music, and now nothing works. I've been doing this for a while for sound editing on the karajan card and it worked perfectly, but now that I've tried it on the Front audio i can't even get music back. I unplugged the front audio and put the jumpers back on 5-6 and 9-10 and I can't get sound out of the back now either. I reinstalled realtec '97 and that didn't do anything, so does anyone have any suggestions??? Is it possible that i fried the karajan card, or is there something I have to reset to get it to work again?

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