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High Temps with Opteron&Water?

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My Opteron 148 0543 FPMW runs hot too. I'm using a Big Typhoon heatsink and the temperatures at 2900 under load with 1.5v x 1.04% is 44-45C. I can't see this chip getting to 3ghz anytime soon.

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Thought I would add to this, for the future if anyone is looking for some IHS result, and some modification idea.


*Becareful* with running the CPU without the IHS. Don't run the cpu naked with *JUST* the core. I thought I would run it for a day or so with just core, and the waterblock on it. BAD idea. It ended up somehow ever so slightly chipping one of the corners of the core. Luckily the cpu still runs, and I it seems it doesn't cause any problems.


BUT, I found a good solution to prevent the Core from getting damaged.


Go to any local hardware store, and pick up Felt pads. At my local ACE I found 10mm round, felt pads with an adhesive backing. $1.29.


I put 1 on each corner. The pads are taller than CPU core, so when you initially drop the heatsink on it, there is no easy way to damage the CPU. Likewise, the HSF/Waterblock can't rock and chip the corners.


The other problem with running the CPU naked is crushing the core itself, or not sit straight.. Depending on your setup, this may vary, but here is what I did.


I run a swiftech 6002 waterblock. It has a bracket that is meant to attach the the stock DFI mounting bracket. Problem is the bracket is too high without the IHS, where if you tighten the bracket/wateblock all the way down it won't touch the CPU.


So I measured the thickness of the IHS, in the center. Next, I marked the same height on the bracket, and then sanded down the bracket the same height removed by removing the IHS.


Also, with the DFI bracket, when the waterblock sits lower it hits the side of the bracket. So I removed the part of the inside of the DFI bracket, where it says OTES. This allowed the waterblock to fully go down.


THe benefit of doing a bracket, is you can fully tighten down the waterblock, and ensure good contact/pressure on the core without crushing it.



The results with the bracket are even better. Another 2-3c off at load from the extra pressure on the core.


If anyone it interested I'll add pics, when I get some free time.

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