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What music are you listening to right now?

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Angel Dust - Border of Reality and

Astral Doors - Astralism <-- OMG what a ******* gem this little band is. I wish I would have found them YEARS ago.

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I have some stuff on a playlist, but it's on shuffle. Good old stuff from my glory days, though:


Motley Crue: S.O.S., Dr. Feelgood, She Goes Down

Faith No More: Midlife Crisis, War Pigs (remake), Falling to Pieces, Last Cup of Sorrow

Pantera: 5 minutes alone, CFH, Walk, Cemetery Gates, I'm Broken, and Walk again, cuz it'll beat the butt off of any other song in existence.

The Offspring: Pretty Fly (for a white guy), Get a job, Hit That.

Skid Row: Mionkey Business, and Slave to the Grind


Then I got some new stuff on there so that my kids don't think I can't keep up with the times.


A7X: Unholy Confessions and Bat Country. Those guys know how to rip away on the guitar.

Buckcherry: only have Crazy classy lady downloaded.

Korn: Twisted Transistor


After that, it'll probably be bed time.

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