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Mem Test

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I'm doing memtest on G.skill 2x1gig 2325 RAM and ULTRA-D.


I'm not too familar with memtest and was wondering, if i get errors does that mean the RAM is defective or that I might have to change something in BIOS?




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From experience it can mean either, usually though I've just had to take down the FSB, increase the RAM Voltage or loosen the timings.

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I'm doing stock speed 200, and auto timings of 2325, I upped the RAM Voltage to 2.7.


I've got 8 of these 1x2gig sticks that I bought from Newegg for $185 for my business.


The first set I tried game me about 4 errors in 10 mins.


The 2nd set I just swapped in seems to be going strong so far.

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Try looking at this guide for Memtest. It starts in about the middle of Post 1 over at i4memory.com by EVA2000.


The section starts out, so you can find it a little easier.




memtest ain't 100% but you can use memtest to guage the max possible FSB/MEM which is the top limit of what you can expect... since i don't think i've ever experienced windows 100% stability and error free at a speed higher than the highest memtest passable speed




max FSB/MEM speed (100% windows error free/stability) <= max FSB/MEM speed (memtest error free)



My experiences and testing methods

But like stated before your error could be both bad memory or need to change timings, voltage etc...

Also take a look at the overclocking guide and memory guide by ThunDA et.al.


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If you are talking about GSKill 2GBZX I have had two sets of these also. For stock (DDR200) try these setting with 2.7-2.8 VDIMM


Dram Frequency Set Mhz 200

Command Per Clock CPC Auto

CAS Latency Control Tcl 2

RAS# to CAS# Delay Trcd 3

Min RAS# Active Time Tras 5

Row Precharge Time Trp 2

Row Cycle Time Trc 7

Row Refresh Cyc Time Trfc 13

Row to Row Delay Trrd 2

Write Recovery Time Twr 2

Write to Read Delay Twtr 1

Read to Write Delay Trwt 3

Refresh Period Tref 3684

DRAM Bank Interleave E

DQS Skew Control A

DQS Skew Value 0

DRAM Drive Strength 7 (8)

DRAM Data Drive Strength 3 (3)

Max Async Latency 7 (8)

DRAM Response Time Normal

Read Preamble Time 5 (6)

Idle Cycle Limit 256

Dynamic Counter D

R/W Queue Bypass 16X

Bypass Max 7X

32 Byte Granulation D

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Just an FYI if you are running 704-2bta be aware that


DRAM DRIVE Strength is lableled a little differently so


7 = Weak4

8= Normal4


I got some of the above timing info from this thread over at XS here on those sticks of mem.


Hope it helps

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