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The Official DIY-Street Who is Who Thread.

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Well, to state the obvious, I'm Nate and I love tinkering with computers...


Born in Seattle, parents got divorced, moved to California, went to school for a year in VA, moved to Maryland (still my homebase), went to high school in New Mexico (Roswell, even), college at RPI in NY, and now graduate school at UMass Amherst.


I have a bachelors in Mechanical Engineering and I'm working on my MS in the same field, but in a program for wind power (w00t).


I got hooked to the 'street right about when I was building my first computer (which went poorly) and I switched to a DFI-motherboard (and recommended PSU ;)). Lots of tweaking later, I am thoroughly satisfied with the nforce4 lanparty's and the support from this forum. Since then, I've switched motherboards (SLI-D to an Expert), and built another system for the GF based on a SLI-D.


I'm kinda quirky, but really nice if you know me. I'll answer just about any serious non-personal question, no matter how stupid it may be. I don't find it infuriating, but usually amusing. If it's a difficult question, sometimes I will go out of my way to teach myself what I need to know, to explain it (my mentality is that somebody learns more if they do it themselves, instead of having someone else do it for them). I definitely learn by experience. Always have, always will. So, if I have to use "trial and error" to figure out what's what, I'll get it eventually :rolleyes:.


I love music (metal, hard rock, classic rock, etc), DIY anything (designing and building stuff with my own two hands ftw), computers, renewable energy, and sustainability. I'm also one of those people who can rationalize spending large amounts of money on tools (machine tools too).


I'm the kind of person who could have as many hobbies as I could dream up, but no time for any of them (except that the time usually appears when I can't do them).


One last thing


Lazy people irk me almost as much as greedy people. :eek:

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My name's Glyn, I'm 35. Born in UK, sailed all the way down here to Oz when i was 5.

My 1st PC was an Amstrad CPC464, which i taught myself BASIC from the user manual that came with it. I've been in the PC game on & off ever since, & still retain a 1993 receipt for $1009.00 AU for a 486DX2-66 chip, just to remind me why i don't rush out & buy the latest & greatest crap :) .


I'm also an 'A' grade motor mechanic, & hold Transport Dept. authority to approve vehicle modifications such as 'big-motor-in-little-car' transplants, etc. I was involved in drag racing reasonably heavily during my 20's, & am now dabbling in (very)casual circuit racing, attempting to emulate the heroics of Allan Moffat, et al.


I also have a habit of pulling apart brand new equipment to check that it was put together correctly, & also to see if i can make it go 'faster' :)



Long live the Street!

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Hi all!


I am David, 33.


I am a high school dropout (just kidding, I did get my diploma) that currently works in the telecommunications as what is very loosely termed "an engineer". Stupid job titles. Basically I work on Comverse Voice Mail platforms (Insight 3.7.1 and 3.7.5) for a nationwide wireless company. I live near Seattle (GO SEAHAWKS) and have a son that lives in Texas. Which sucks.


I have been a computer enthusiast ever since my dad brought home a Commodore 64 and a PC gamer for over 20 years.


I also have a dog.

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Guest r3d c0m3t

I too have never come across this thread, in any case...


My real name is Michael, 20 years old. Born and raised in Brooklyn, and I've been tinkering with computers for about 8-9 years, give or take. My first DIY project went terribly wrong, it was an s754 Sempron-based PC nonetheless, and needless to say, that build was full of problems (not really, I was just an utter n00b. :sweat:)


Before that, I'd been messing around with nothing but Dell's and Compaq's, in fact, my first computer was Pentium II-based, I remember that like it was...yesterday.


I consider myself a gearhead, I can identify almost any car simply from a panel line, or a picture of it's wheels.


I made the transition to the Street (before the DIY :rolleyes:) soon after I built my second enthusiast PC based on my first DFI board, the CFX3200 DR, and I wanted to extra know-how from people far more experienced than myself, and the great boys and girls here have yet to let me down. Let's see here, my first 939 board (and high-end at that) was the ASUS A8N32-SLI Deluxe, one of the first boards to support the full x16 PCI-E lane bandwidth.


I dropped out of high school when I was 18 due to me realizing that the school was fvcking me over, but by the time I realized it, it was almost too late to do anything about it. So, as it would stand I'm on track to get my GED, something I'm not insanely proud of but once I get into college and get my Bachelor's, I'll be fine.


That's all for the time being, I'll post more as it comes to me.


- @ fmc_boss, you sound a bit like good ol' Tim Taylor. :sweat:

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It is amazing, what a diverse group of members here at the Street. What is even more amazing is how much many of us have in common!

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Hi, my real name is Carla, I am 13 and I am trolling teh Interwebz for nerds. :eek2:


hehehe, I love to act goofy.

My name is Carl, I am 60 years young but I act 13. :D

I've been in the electronics industry since I was 15.

Started out fixing TVs (they were still B & W in those days, LOL)


I am the 2nd oldest of 6 children and may have had the most wonderful parents in the world.

My family is great and we all get together whenever we can.

Attended Catholic schools in Minneapolis and graduated in 1965 (no sheet).

Lettered in Football, Wrestling, Baseball and Glee Club (again no sheet)

After partying my way through my Freshman year in College, I found myself in the Air Force from 1966-1970.

Spent 4 years in Germany as a Military Policeman working Town Patrol with the German Polizei.


Upon my return to "the World", I attended the University of Minnesota even though I thought the nickname "Gophers" was pretty lame.

Left school after 2 years and managed a Hi-Fi shop where some savvy manufacturer's rep hired me to work for him.

Moved to Chicago in 1975 where I lived for 30+ years.

Been selling Consumer and Pro equipment ever since then.

Lost my wife and wound up raising my two sons as best as I could by myself.


Got into computers about 5 years ago when I bought a DFI NF2 LanParty to build a rig for myself.

Saw a post by a guy with the nick "Angry_Games" and knew right away he was even goofier in da haid than me.

So I hung around and figured out the PC deal. (kinda, sorta, maybe, OK just a little)


I moved back to Minneapolis last November after a very serious illness.

Thanks to God and the VA Hospital here my body is on the mend (well the brain, not so much) :)

Wish my sons still lived with me but I am on the road about a third of the time so I get to see them every month when I am in Chicago.


Met some wonderful, kind and caring people here and I was fortunate enough to meet a couple dozen of them in person.


P.S. I once painted a case in the parking lot of a La Quinta Inn (you can't make sheet like that up) :D



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