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The Official DIY-Street Who is Who Thread.

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Men, great all those postings. Let's do our best to produce the longest thread in the dfi history okay?






And off we go :D


By the way. Nowadays you can find me mostly in the 32bit section of the streets as i don't plan to upgrade to nf4 yet and i love helping people out with their pc probs (and other probs as well, i'm a good listener).


Heading back to 32-bit now....

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Hello everyone, My name is Chuck, and I am also a puter*aa*holic. :)


Cool thread, it is really neat to see all the replys and to meet the people behind the nicks and what kind of backgrounds they have.


Me<-- Well, I am a 41 year old Network Services Tech, for a remote site of a larger company (means I get the full gamit of duties from help desk issues), but I also have to handle telcom, networking, and hardware issues. Kind of a *jack of all trades* in the pc world, and then, as if that was not enough pc fun in the day, I fix, repair, and build pc's in my spare time to help support my habbit.


I live in the Tri-Cities of Washington state, enjoy computers(of coarse), old trucks (4x4), old cars(camaros), and spend alot of time playing in the Blue Mountains (usually stuck in the snow). I also play with the Ham Radio gig....lots of fun with Digital stuff......


When I am not fixing computers in my spare time, I enjoy the OC'n fun of the DFI nature, hence why I spend time on this site almost everyday, at least untill the Deathball matches begin (end of the work day strategy meetings with the IT group) and a little Unreal 2004 from time to time....capture the flag and team deathmatch mostly.


Addictions at this time......1 dfi ut250 gb, 1 asus AV8 Delux (SD core amd 64 [email protected] 2.5 ghz, 2 gigs a ram OCZ) 1 Shuttle XPC media box, 3200 winnie, corsair XMS, and the last desktop, 1 DFI Via [email protected], that sports Fedora Core 4 along with w98se. And lastly, an old sony lappy with a 64 meg goGforce mobile chipset (work pc's just aint no fun for gaming....).


Hats off to the whole crew for a great forum, I have yet to meet a bad sort in my adventures in the time I have been here.......now if I could just get that irc stuff back and up more often to hang with some of the DFI Streeters.......

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After reading all of these intros I wanted to give mine, although I am VERY new, and sometimes hard to figure out.


I started building/destroying computers at an early age, and even when I got my first Nintendo, took it apart to see what was up. I moved on through 486Dxs and early Pentiums, and even still have an early AMD CHomper AT board in my house right now. I have NEVER built a computer for my self, toying with console games in my spare time. Always the one not to get sucked into video games and such, preferring a Zen approach to it, much like a Madame would with her ladies. I have put together over 100 machines so far and they are gaining every day. Right now I work for the Devil here in Atlanta in a BIG (I repeat) BIG butt telco. fixing machines and doing custom work on the side. My elation in building other people computers on the NF2 chipset lead me to investigate all the other incarnations of it and I finally decided to build myself a box for myself, going against everything I had previouslly held dear. What did it? You may find it silly, but, it was BF2. . . after playing at a friends house (on a machine I built him) to stress it out for him, I became hooked. So here I was lurking this site, and several others the past months and FINALLY deciding on DFI. Why? Community. No other board, CPU, ect has the type of response that I received from this place. In short it is amazing!


I hope you all do not find my questions and such too annoying, I just prefer a humble way to approach questions, never the one to assume much.


Glad to be here. Now if only I could figure out a way to load an avatar. . .

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Hi all, I found you a few months ago, and have been trying to make my own mark helping out where I can.


My name is Dan Taylor, I'm a 22 year old senior in the materials engineering program at Iowa State University. I've got about a year to go before graduation, but I'm in no hurry since I love the people here. I've been building computers since I was 15 years old, and only recently got back in to it. It's one of many off again on again hobbies that I blow money I don't have on..


Other hobbies include speaker building, chip amp design, woodworking in general (I love buiilding furniture, I should really take some courses to get better at it), and I'm in the process of writing some books. Seriously. I've had a bunch of ideas for a science fiction novel/series and have been trying to put them down on paper. Might have to bounce some ideas off of you guys sometime :)


Anyways, there's a lot of things I want to do in my life, and hopefully I'll get a job that'll help me accomplish a fraction of those things.


A few other things about me:


I'm not a man of any god, but no atheist either. I believe what I believe and feel others should leave me alone about it. I try not to intrude on others soshut up!


I'm intigues by politics, but have yet to see any politician that actually cares about us. I don't think the party system will ever work and many of the problem we face will never be fixed unless there are drastic changes to the way our country works. Pehaps someday I'll sacrifice my own happiness and try to make it better...but damn I don't want to be a politician.


I have a van, called the technodanvan (or danvan for short). it's a 1990 Ford Aerostar 3.0 liter V6 with the heavy-duty automatic. Recently it's been ginvng me a lot of trouble, but I'll never sell it. It's the first car that I've ever owned (since I was 16, my sister has gone through 5 cras now...) and a gift from my parents. I still hold to the fact it's the funnest car I've ever driven, and yes I've test drove a new Mustang GT, as well as one of those damn WRX's.


Rear-Wheel drive rules!


A list of things I hate: Subarus, Bose, rap, Escalades, vegetarians (the ones that think they're better than non vegetarians), Sierra Club/Green Peace members, anti-gun people, politicans, super-churchy missionary people, riceburners, LED's (when they aren't needed for informative purposes), Harry Potter, NyQuil (the taste anyways, I love the effects), Captain Morgan, beer in general, money...god theres a thousand more I won't bore you with....

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Guest Gir

My name Is Aaron Mitchell. I was born in Decatur Illinois and live there until i was 9 and my family moved to Folkston Georgia so my mother could take care of her mother. I have 1 younger brother and 4 older half-sisters. I am a bum and dont do much. But i do have a softspot in my heart for Firearms and Autocross racing. Either of which i am found doing when im not on the computer. I have no religous beliefs, period. I am allergic to penicillian which keeps me from eating beef (they inject cows with it to keep them healthy) it doesnt seem to bother anyone else i know who is allergic. I have some odd peircing and quite a few tats. I like vodka alot and Guiness. I'll add more later when i think of good stuff.

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Guest culinist

My name is Scott and i was born in the great state of Pennsylvania. Moved to Southern California after parents got divorced. Talk about some culture shock.!!


After High School, I worked for a roofing company for a few years then decided to go to College to get me an education. Went to a local J/C for a while until I got shot in the leg in a drive by shooting outside of a party. This is when I decided to get out of Dodge. Moved up north to attend Humboldt State University, I studied Wildlife Sciences for a semester then transfered down to another local J/C to study Ornamental Horticulture. Got my Associates there and promptly moved to Washington where I began a career as a Landscaper.


My Landscaping gig was cut short due to a pretty bad back injury. I floundered around for a year or so, on disability, and pretty much lived in my local sports bar. Drank myself silly for a while, then realized what i was doing and got my life back on track.


Went to Culinary School for a year, recieved another associates degree, and have been cooking professionally for nine years now.


It was during Culinary school that i got together my future wife. We married in September of '00 and bought a home in lovely Sequim, WA. She has a son who is now 18 and a senior in high school. YAY!!!!!


I got into computers about three years ago and bought my first DFI board (LPA) two years ago. Been around watching the Angry_Games show since then.


I enjoy building 'puters for folks, and learning as much as I can about Linux.


That's it in a nutshell.

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Hello all im a BF2aholic...

My name is Jonathan (JP) and im 30yrs old. I was born and raised in Ann Arbor Michigan. At the age of 14yrs i was in a gang from Detroit called the TBG ( the brothers grim) and spent a majority of my time fighting, selling drugs and in the slammer... When i turned 18yrs i realised either i leave Michigan and try to salvage as much of my life as possible or stay in Detroit and either get killed or spend the rest of my life in jail... So i moved to South Carolina and attended Johnston & Whales University studying Culinary Arts... After Graduating with honers i moved to San Diego California with my Fiance and became the Executive Chef for Visco Entertainment. My first fine dinning restaurant (Decos) received 4 out of 5 stars by Naomi Wise (Food Critic)...

I now live in Denver Colorado and work for a catering company, i make just enough to enjoy the things i like... Snowboarding, trout fishing, takin the ladys out, cooking for friends at home..

I have set off on a karmic path, i am not a devoted practioner but i do believe...


A quote from Ace Gobber that sums up my life:


"Free your heart from hatred, Free your mind from worries, Live simply, Give more and expect less"

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Hi all ... first of all i would like to congratulate angry(n others) who started this forum. I think this is a great forum with lots of quality guys(n gals) in it.


Im Hafidz, 34yo male from Malaysia .. born and raised in Kuala Lumpur. I came from a lower middle class family . My dad was a primary school teacher and my mom a housewife. Im basically a wild kid during my late teenage years ... drugs, gangs and all .... but mostly due to the fact that theres not enuff money to survive.


Got my associates degree here in Malaysia(barely made it) ... further my study at the U of Hartford Connecticut majoring in Mechanical Engineering and later continue for my masters in manufacturing. The whole reason for continuing was just because im not done enjoying myself there :) Had to go back home afterwards due to a failed business venture that my older sister was into as im the only one who'll help them for free:) (orelse we'll lose everything .. house etc. ). She had a small IT firm with a partner and shes an architect (studied in iowa State University). That was in 96 and later in 97, Malaysia and South East Asia were struck with the financial crisis that ate up another 4 years of my life and barely had twice a day meal during those times(and i thought i wont need to worry about food when im at my own country).


Currently i have a small content development company doing digital content and a partner with another company doing recreational activities(paintball, futsal etc.). Our company helps and gives second chance to people without enuff qualifications to made it in the real world by providing them with real world jobs/training and experience before they moved to a bigger company who can provides them with better pay and better life for their families.


Despite all , im very grateful to God for everything. He made me realize that life means more than just good life. Its about helping each other to achieve one common goal .. and that is the future of our generations.


Im here basically looking to increase my knowledge in pc hardwares and to learn more bout OC and other related topics. Apart from that im hoping to find people interested to venture into any business here in Malaysia. Be it IT, content development, recreational, tourism or retails and also for anybody interested in outsourcing content development job to us(or venture together with us). Capital is so scarce here in Malaysia.


BTW, Malaysia is a nice country to visit. If any of you interested in any specialized recreational activities here please let me know. We have one of the oldest rain-forest in the world.


Malaysia~Truly Asia

Endau-Rompin~one of the oldest rain-forest



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Hi everyone. My name is Steve Hiller and I was born in Tucson, Arizona. About 7 years ago I left home to work as a teacher in the NYC public school system. I worked three years in one of the toughest neighborhoods in the South Bronx, and have since moved to a (somewhat less impoverished) high school. Here I have started the first BC Calculus program ever in the Bronx. I bust my butt every day, and I make my students work even harder. We have thankfully been very successful so far.


My internal passion is math. I'm really a freak that way. Just love the stuff.

Friend: "You should come out with us tonight - it's Friday!"

Me: "Can't talk. Forming analogy between infinite series and biological classification schemes. You go bye now."


My external passion is the fight for justice. I think the world is a pretty racist place, and the inequity that pervades our society just makes me sad. Sometimes I think I could probably be making tons of money by now, but in my heart I know I really couldn't do anything else with my life other than what I have chosen - even on the days when I think I want to quit. They come often.


But all in all I know that I have had the extreme fortune to live a charmed life. Hell, my biggest problem right now is that I can't get my G.Skills to run 1T at 300MHz. Guess I'm doing alright. On that note, I wanted to extend my thanks to all of you for all your help - built my first computer this summer, so I obviously still have a lot to learn. But this sure is a great place for that! Thanks again.

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Guest Blooz1

Hey y'all - I'm Jon, and I'm 56. My life's been interesting.


I've spent about 3 hours trying to condense everything to a reasonable length to no avail - so, hell with it, let's just do it this way;


Work: I've been a newspaper reporter/photographer, played bass + guitar pro and semi-pro, retail computer sales/management, restaurant work - prep/line cook, but spent the most time in Quality Assurance as QA Manager.


Lived In: Connecticut (4 times - don't ask!), California 8 years (Bay Area), Florida (Twice - 3 years WPB, 4 years St. Augustine)


Likes: Music (Blues, rock, classical, and lately jazz), Computers, Reading, Writing, Photography, Cooking, and my long-term log-distance relationship with my cute lil' sweety in Pittsburgh - not in that order!


Dislikes: Sanctimoneous, two-faced people (A New England specialty!), our present government, being in hospitals, nursing homes, bland music, network TV, modern movie theaters, commercial radio stations, yadayada - not in that order!


I've had some major setbacks in the past couple of years - a major operation where most of my pancreas was removed, and a broken hip + clavicle earlier this year. They've taught me a lot about many things.


I've had to go from being a corporate "Type A" person to a much slower lifestyle with less resources. Living on disability sucks! (No money for parts - ya have to eat!) But it's got its compensations -


I've learned a lot since coming to the "Street", and I'd like to thank AG, RGone, and company for the incredible resource they've built and the job they do maintaining this community. I'm proud to be a member!

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