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The Official DIY-Street Who is Who Thread.

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hey people...my name is Lenny Iacono, i was born in brooklyn in 1957.

I am twice divorced, i have 2 great sons that are 17 and 19.

i have live in arizona, florida, ohio, new york, and georgia.

I have had too many jobs and business's to list here, jack of all trades, master of none!

While i lived in atlanta from 1998~2003 i had a small limo company (Icon Limousine)

In 1999 i had a P3 sony computer, which broke( the cd drive) so, i called sony, and they said they could replace the cd burner, but it was out of warrenty for 800.00.

i had only paid 1000.00 for the rig.

so i went to my local comp usa ,and in there i was talking to a 19 year old kid, and he told me, "i would never buy a computer, i just build em"

so for about a year or so, i did alot of reading on the internet, and bought maximum pc every month, until i finally understood what the hell they were talking about.


in late 2000 i built my first rig! ther ha been no turning back from there. I am a hardware junkie....a few months ago i started on my first amd rig, the one in my sig.


thats my story....and im sticking to it!


off topic....A_G...says he is meanest, rudest person in the forums...

he has always been polite and helpful to me!


it all you other people that piss him off!!!! lol


Every one of the regulars on here are very cool peop[le, and i am glad to be a part of this community....thx all, for all the help and info you guys provide....


btw, i am having this problem with.................

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Hi My name is Jon Im 37 I live in NJ.I play guitar for 20 years now, in a few metal bands Morbid sin,Engorge

Shock to the System.I did a summer tour of the US this year with engorge we toured with a band called necrophagia

(Verry good band,Phill anselmo played guitar with them for an album)man those southern states are hot!!!!Anyway Got a wonderfull girlfriend that I love with all my heart and will marry one day!I own a 3 year old yellow lab named daisy (best dog ever:))And I work in a/v as a senior tech moving to the programming side of it soon.I pretty much grew up without a father he left for the west coast when I was a youngin,I still see him from time to time actually saw him whilst on tour this summer so its kool....Oh and Im addicted to overclocking and bf2 :nod: :nod: :nod: :nod:

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Ok well I better represent for the chicks since we are few and far around here (I expect a post MsB! hehe).


I am 22 year old college student at Boise State University and I am majoring in Secondary Education with endorsements in Sociology and Social Studies, which means someday when they FINALLY let me out of the god-forsaken place I will be able to teach 6-12 social studies, government, history, economics, and sociology. I really like kids between those ages because they don't listen too much like the little ones so there isn't as much damage done if I really mess up, but there are still some that can be saved that didn't get the attention they needed when they were younger. I really hope to make a difference in a few kids' lives and also pass on my passion for the subjects. Man I should copy that and paste in my resume ;).


I love to game and I would say I am alright at it. Angry got me totally addicted with the evil little game called Diablo II, so if you have a girl that yells at you about gaming, just sit her in front of that for a few hours and you won't hear from her for months ;). Right now, I am playing UT2004 and Dungeon Siege II. I am finally done with all my papers for the semester so hopefully that list of games will grow a little more. School has cut drastically into my gaming time.


I love hockey! Watching two dudes beat the crap out of each other is what I live for. Goalies are mentally unstable, but that's my favorite position which might explain why I am attracted to AG, haha. My favorite teams are our local dudes, Idaho Steelheads and the Chicago Blackhawks. I am pretty down with football too and my team is the Packers. I must love disappointment putting all my faith in them and the Blackhawks, but at least I can say I am not a bandwagoner.


I have lost almost 100lbs in the course of 2 years. I have never been a small chick, but one day when I was 20 and was having chest pains I knew it was time to quite being retarded and do something with myself. I believe it has made me an incredibly strong person and has taught me a great deal about myself. I never ever want to go through it again though, it was too hard! I am proof though that it can be done if someone sets their mind to it and the secret is to not set yourself up for failure, take one thing at a time.


I love to cook and my favorite channel is Food Network. Poor AG is constantly bombarded with my cooking and is forced to eat it all the time even if he doesn't like it.


That's pretty much me in a nutshell. I am not crazy (at least I tell myself that) and I pretty much just go with the flow of life. I worry about the state of the world, but realize that I can't change it a whole lot, but I can make my little corner in it a little better.

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Guest Tmod

Ok my turn,


Name is Terry, Spent 4 years in the USAF as crew chief on the A-10 & F-15 Test Teams.


Computing is my hobby but my past jobs have included Automotive Mechanic, Diesel Mechanic, Aircraft Mechanic, Quality Control and I am currently a Leadman in a Machine Shop.


Have one daughter and she gave me a grandson so yeah I am a GRANDPA!!


Been modding bios's for computers for quite some time now.


Well not much for shootin the . so that is it.



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Well, I'm a new guy here and loving the community for this hardware - not seen anything like it before so I thought I'd say an appreciative 'hello' :¬)


My name is Ross, and I'm a web designer who makes (free) XP visual styles in my spare time (see sig if you are interested in spicing your desktop up!). Other than general computing /gaming I like to gym a lot to keep fit and watch lots of sport :) Ciao!


I'm currently spending far too long worrying about why SiSoft Sandra says my WD Raptor reads at 56Mb/Sec :|

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I am the Third of three. I did 12 years in the corprate world and decided to live a little closer to the earth and further from the artificial world of the city. I am 38 and a little L Libertarian but a more apt political affiliation would be as a republican as the LP has some batty stances on certain issues.


I earn my keep via manual physical labor. *(doing concrete for the winter season before fishing starts up next year (Laws from peta heads are killing that living unfortuantely so construction full time may be the best option.) )


For my age, you would never know if you saw me as pound for pound I am a hardend good old boy and I intend to only get bigger if the work dosent kill me. 185 lbs right now and I am getting more and more buffed out without ever touching a weight. But I am the nicest person you ever meet as I am always trying to achive Zen and just be mellow.


I live at the coast and today we poured some concrete underneath a house on the beach today and watched the waves and shrimp boats.... and were even in the right frame of mind .... Zen that is.


Charlie, If you ever need a job that is back breaking and demands as much attention to detail as computers, get into construction.


Our crew is tight and for as few as we are we are well paid and will outwork and drop 90% of anyone we meet. We take pride and satisfaction in this and are a tight knit bunch or ornery miscreants.


John Denver said it best,


Aye Calypso


Aye, calypso, the places you’ve been to

The things that you’ve shown us

The stories you tell

Aye, calypso, I sing to your spirit

The men who have served you

So long and so well


ME : for my love is the sea. I pledged to myself that I shall not leave her and rejoin the rat race. I made all the decisions that brought me to this point in time, other than a few good ladies that I let slip away, I regret none of the other choices.


Other day had a shark attack (two this year in the area). I almost got bitten by a shark once *(BIG mofo and it would have almost certainly been fatal) but thats another story.)


Countless Times I have cheated the Grim Reaper and I savor every moment.


Carpe diem.


Led Zep, Ramble on

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I am not a bum, I'm a jerk. I once had wealth, power, and the love of a beautiful woman. Now I only have two things. My friends in the forum and... uh... my computers. My story? O.k. It was never for easy for me. I was born a poor black child. I remember the days sitting on the porch with my family singing and dancing, down in Mississippi.


Gonna jump down turn around pick a bail of cotton,

Gonna jump down turn around pick a bail of hay...


Now if you believe that story I've got a better one for you!


I've led a charmed life and have lived to appreciate it. I'm single, never been married, no children and not gay. Not that there's anything wrong with that!!!


I've been around the world three times. Most recently in 1993 after completing an 18 month contract with the Air Force.


In my younger days I've owned a chain of six video stores when you could actually make a good living at it. I was also a co-owner in many nightclubs. The fringe benefits almost did me in. LOL


I've worked with computers since before there was anything called a "personal computer". I had to build the first two. Not assemble but actually build the computer from discrete components. Think "Altair 8800".


Since 1993 I've concentrated my efforts on Information Systems or as it's commonly referred to today, IT.


I designed and built the IT (voice and data) infrastructure for three major casino operations in 1994. I completed two more casinos before 1998 then retired in May of 2000 fulfilling a life long dream to take off that entire year.


Since December 2000 I've been slowly building a company on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Gladly, things are going great despite the best efforts of hurricane Katrina. Living in paradise has its price.


I got sucked into the world of DFI just over two years ago when the terrific nF2 series was released.


DFI-Street is a way for me to give back to the community.


The most traumatic event in my life was when I realized that my alter boy buddies were being abused by the priests at our church. Can you imagine how not being abused can effect a young boys self esteem? Was I too ugly for the priest to abuse me? I just wanted to be like my friends. The peer pressure to be abused was intense and I was left out in the cold. I even parted my hair down the middle like my friends just to fit in.


If you want to know more about me you can simply click on the link in my sig to "ExRoadie's Elements of Argument".

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I've been mostly a lurker for the last several months. Here's my story:


Born in Utah while parents were attending Brigham Young University. We moved out to Maryland a few years later where we lived for 5 years. My dad worked as a Cobol programmer for banks.


We moved up to the Adirondack mountains in upstate New York to my mom's home town. By that time I had two sisters and a brother as well. Dad worked at much smaller banks while Mom taught music at a few of the elementary schools.


After highschool I attended a community college for two years. At 19 I served as a missionary for two years in Argentina. That was an awesome experience, I still miss the country quite a bit. Viva la Argentina!


I attended BYU myself after that, good 'ole Provo Utah :) I met a chic that defied all logic there. Get this - she was a computer engineering / Mathematics / Spanish split major, was into Sci-Fi, and was *hot* :) Try finding that combination! We were friends for a year or so but ended up dating and getting married.


I never quite finished my Computer Science degree (have been programming since I was little) because I ended up with a great job in the educational software industry that started demanding more and more hours which I was happy to give. I worked into management, spending time on the Programming side of things as well as the Quality Assurance side.


Coming up on 2 years ago, myself and five others co-founded a new educational software development company based in Provo with the mission of teaching english to second-language learners. We sell directly into schools here in the US and through a distribution partner in Japan and other countries to come.


I've been into build computers since the Pentium 2 days. Like so many of you (no doubt) I'd build computers for friends and family members, etc. I stumbled upon DFI 3 or 4 months ago after being out of the overclocking scene for a year or two (didn't have time - starting a company is a hell of a lot of work!). I now love my X2-3800 running happily under liquid at 2.8GHz and have built several more rigs based around DFI mobos.


At this point Laura and I have got three little girls. They're 5, 3, and 1. Laura and I love learning and try to keep open minds about many things in life. This has led our political persuasion to depart from the Republican party and join the Libertarian party. We've even traveled to New Hampshire to consider the Free State Project. Meanwhile we've gotten into home schooling and Laura heads that up. Lastly, she's gotten into natural childbirths and teachers classes, does dhoula work, and assists midwives.


Well, I need to get back to fixing a few bugs in our November release. Luckily I have the power of DFI to keep my rig snappy, hehe


Life is great :)

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Hey everyone! My name is Alex and I'm relatively new around here... I've stopped by a few times in the past for information and to just check things out but never really decided to register until today.


Anyway, I'm a soon-to-be 21 year old who happens to be an on-again off-again college student... At the moment, a vast majority of my time is being spent working on the online store which I recently opened and trying to pull my tech news & reviews site together. (yes, having your own warehouse kicks butt...but paying for it doesn't :rolleyes: ) I try to spend the rest of my time either gaming or with my awesome girlfriend (w00t for the electrical engineering major!)...or both :nod:


I've been using computers since I was about 3 years old and building 'em since I was around 10 or so. I spent a majority of my early childhood hanging out with and learning from various engineers who worked at the same computer/tech companies as my parent(s). I do a lot of case and hardware modding, a bit of fabrication work here and there, have a passion for crazy projects, want to water/TEC/vapo/LN2 cool everything, and like making stuff blow up/catch fire :D


Currently, I have a ton of computers and my two newest additions are the display computer that's in my office (will post pics later... quite funny) and my testbed system--both running on DFI LP NF4 Ultra-D's.

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34...almost 35 years old...2 kids and a wife


5 years ago i knew nothing about computers......1 year ago OC was something scary....then i bought my 1 st dfi.....omg


i have a small repair shop.....computer related....virus removal....upgrades...that low end stuff...a lot of semproms , asus and kinsgton valueram... :nod:


i come to the STREET everyday ....i just do...i like it here...i have learned a lot....well i still do.......

thats it

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Im bart, 29 yrs old and work as a HRM consultant. Living together with me misses for 6 years now. She's a graphic designer. No kids nor pets (yet..). Not into computers/overclocking for that long but eager to learn and i like reading about it in forums a lot. Other hobbies are playing Black hawk Down (yeah i know its old but i just love that game, best sniping game ever imho), fishing for pike on the river and working in a pub (me college job that I kinda kept after graduation (in the weekends).

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hey cpuz, if only people really knew how kind you are... really a great person;)!

ace, sorry to hear about your life, cant imagine how it was like :O.


ocean seas, i wouldnt last a second doing a job like that :D, wish i could be buff.


A_G, you are a very respictible person (and sometimes sarcastic :D). you have every right to the attitude you have taken into account the ammount of pressure from your job :).


momma, im trying to gain some LBS, i weigh 134 pounds but im about 6ft4in tall :D.


exrodie, im glad you made it through the whores wrath. i would go insane from the sheer destruction she left...

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