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The Official DIY-Street Who is Who Thread.

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Well, I tought it could be a nice idea to tell who the person behind the nickname really is. I came to this idea because we all, kinda, know each other over time and it's just cool to know with whom you're really talking.


I'll kick of and of course i hope this thread will get many follow ups.


Well, i'm alex (alexander in full) and i live in the netherlands in a town called enschede, 26 years old already (men time goes by faster and faster it seems lol). Well if there's anything more i forgot to tell....that's the meaning of this thread.

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well, my name is charlie mcpherson, i was born in south carolina and moved to Georgia after my biological father (chuck mcpherson) abused us. haven't seen him since. i lived with my mom and sister for 12 years, until my mom passed in a car wreck last year. i moved in with my grand parents. a few months later a good friend of mine named Dallas Giles was shot and killed. after a few months of counseling i got my life back on track and started posting here.


some of my beliefs:


mom always told me that women deserve respect and after seeing her hurt i vowed to never be like my dad. i believe that ALL women deserve respect. i dont believe in being a "player" type.


i believe in the war in iraq, we can either fight them in our country or over there in theirs.


i believe that border security should be increased, if immigrants can get in that easy why not a terrorist?


well thats a little about me and what i believe.

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My name is Cliff Prewitt, I am 34 year old automotive mechanic who specializes in high performance street and race cars. I live in Phoenix Arizona.

I spend my weekdays with my computers and my weekends at the track with my car.

Don't have a whole lot else to say about myself because I wasn't a very good person 7 years ago so I too am rebuilding my life.

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I'm Ethan Gunderson. Im a freshman at the University of Wisconsin Stout majoring in applied math and computer science, which concentrations in software development, web design and buiness managment. Someday i want to own my own web development firm or something like that.


I do all sorts of things instead of having a job, from setting up networks for small buisnesses to donating plasma.

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@ Charlie: You should be applauded and commended for your mature attitude considering your situation. Nobody should have to go thru what you did especially at your age. I'm so sorry and if there was a way i could take that all away, i would. Plus if i means anything to ya, I'm real proud of you.


My name is Bryan and i live in New Hampshire with my ptr, 2 cockers and a cockatiel. I work in a nursing home as a CFO and also don the hat of IT since it fell into my lap lol.


I've been studying piano for the last 6 years and also a fitness instructor on weekends.


Recently started playing FFXI and my game char name is Lurex and im on Bismarck Server. I derived that name from Larry Lurex who was a pseudo for the late Freddie Mercury. He used that name because it was the guy who designed his tights. lol

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My name is Taylor, I am a senior about to finish his high school career. I am currently a student, but outside of academics, I am a sponsored skateboarder.


I have two passions: Computers and Skating.


If I had to choose, Skating wins everytime.


I hope to go pro someday for someone like Lakai or DGK, but I doubt I will. If that doesn't happen, I am planning to major in Computer Programming.


If you notice I can't afford the most expensive parts for my computer. My job pays for my girlfriend (who's doesn't?), my car expenses, etc.


So there is a little about me ;)


Nice thread BTW

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My name is Steven White. I am a 39 year old Quality Control / Computer Technician.


My biological mother was a promiscuous woman. She had 8 children, for which I am the youngest, all of whom were given-up for adoption because she either did not want to / could not take care of us. She really loved to dance. When she was pregnant with me, she broke water on the dance floor of the Schooner Saloon. I was born in an ambulance 6 blocks away from Humboldt Medical Center (now St. Joseph's Hospital) in Eureka, California on October 13, 1966.


I am a bastard child. I do not know who my father is or whether he is still alive. Everytime I asked my biological mother, she almost always gave a different name. I am currently go through the process with the state of California to get my original birth cirtificate un-sealed so at least I will have a name.


From the time I was 6 months to 2.5 years old, I went through 10 foster homes - some good, some bad - until I finally landed in the home of Rose Len and Walter Lee White whom were affectionately called Momma Len and Daddy Lee by all. I was the only one they adopted out of over 300 foster children they took care of from 1955 through 1996. They were quite strict but fair in my upbringing. Daddy Lee passed away when I was 13 and Momma Len followed early last year. I visit their gravesite every year and silently thank them for what they did for me.


At the age of 18 I joined the Marine Corps. I had to. Not because anyone forced me to, it was due to me waking up one morning and reaching for happy tabacci which I had been indulging in for the last couple of years. That one morning on September 20th, 1984 I realized what I was doing to myself and stopped cold turkey. One week later, September 27th, I was signed-up for the Marines. After nine months delayed enlistment & 3 months of boot camp, I graduated on September 27th, 1985. Best thing I ever did in my life. I was discharged honorably on June 2nd, 1989.


After going from one computer job to another, I decided to start my own business, after hours and on weekends, while working a regular job. I love it because I can control who I want to have as my customers and not be pressured to make 'quota' as was such with my last job as lead technician. This setup is much more relaxing as I can work at my own pace.


Allright, I've been blabbering too much and I haven't even had a drop of beer yet. I'll shut my yap now.


EDIT: If you can't already tell, I'm a computerholic as well, and a jackass at times.

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my name is Angry and I'm a computerholic


I'm considered the meanest, rudest person in these forums (as well as other forums) and that is something I probably rightly deserve


i like hockey, and i dig chicks, and i dig hockey chicks the most


I don't like ExRoadie nor Thunda, and wish bad things upon them (mainly unshowered ratty lookin' girlfriends heh)


I do like cats, but some breeds don't taste as good as others (alley cats are tough and stringy grrr)


money is not very important to me as I feel I only need enough to live comfortably (and having a Jaguar and a mansion is not what I consider comfortable).


I don't live for material possessions. I believe in Buddhism more than anything, as well as Karma. Doing a lot is better in my mind than having a lot (unless it is a parking lot, which I can charge premium dollars for you to park in, then I can use that money to buy World Domination blueprints).


I shave my head because I am lazy and don't like to have to comb/brush my hair


I don't shave my face too much because I can barely grow any facial hair, and again, I am too lazy (and my gf doesn't seem to mind either so that means she's probably as lazy as I am)


I don't judge people on how they look or dress unless they refuse to shower regularly, and emit noxious odors that are unpleasant.


my best online buddies are ExRoadie, Thunda, Rgone, CPU KILLER, and some crazy guy that keeps sending me MSN Messages asking the dumbest questions I've ever heard which makes me think it's one of you guys messing with me lol.


my best offline buddies are two dudes who play hockey for our local pro hockey team that I get to annoy to death with stupid questions like "Have you ever been checked into the glass so hard that you let a little poop in your pants? Have you ever checked someone so hard THEY let a little poop in their pants?"


I love my job because I get to sit at home and test test test, but it can get stressful which is why I have not been so pleasant as of late (which is something I am working on or else I probably won't get to keep my job)


I think Nascar is weak and fruity, as is NBA basketball which is nothing but thugs and gangsters anymore.


I dig lacrosse because its a sport that hardly anyone knows what it is, and women's lacrosse is fun to watch hehe (as is women's volleyball!).


I have 4 eyes, a big jew nose (I am jewish so I can say such a thing), but not much else about me is jewish (ie: my lack of love for money...as well as being more of a buddhist than anything).


I've been in trouble in my life, but I have also turned my life around to the point where I am satisfied with the direction it is taking. I have a good girlfriend and a good brother and that is more important to me than anything else on earth...except for hot volleyball chicks heh.


I'm very blunt and straightforward. I don't lie to people to make them feel better. I am brutally honest with people, and it can be very problematic as we live in a society that basically requires us to lie to others because their feelings might be hurt by the truth. I can do a better job of being brutally honest, and I work on that daily. Some days I am successful, some days I am a failure.


I enjoy helping others but I require that they help themselves at the same time as I don't have time to do it all for them.


I'm not afraid to realize my own faults, though sometimes I am blind to them until they are pointed out to me by someone objective.


sometimes I am just plain angry and nothing can be done about it


most times I am pretty laid back (like bucket seats)


I am not a republican nor a democrat nor a tree-hugging independent. I hate politics and i don't care for religion because they are the two biggest causes of strife and warfare, as well as hurt feelings. I do believe that they are important however, but they are just not important to me.


I believe that I have said enough and will go eat some dirt now.

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Me well I’m 52 and some of you might think I’m a smart butt . But only by nature and most take first impressions wrong .( I just have a funny way of talking) I was raised county by my ant and uncle being my ant true blood. I spent three years bull riding. 4 years 82nd AirBorn ( something ant right about jumping out of a perfectly good airplane) majoring in commutations. three years auto racing My real Job and love is custom auto painting . the best things in life is fishing,. Horse back riding and electronics. I hold a top Ham Lic. Started playing with computers in 1982. I Have raised a family of three for 20 years when the misses said she wonted a new life. Now Im rising another family of three . yeah I know but I love kids. I met the new misses Anita on the web three years ago and it turned out to be one of them grate net love stores . She is the best thing that has ever happened in my life. She runs her own web site and she is the boss lol





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Hi my name is James and i am a computerholic too,


I live in Newcastle upon Tyne in the UK, I'm 25 and have a 5 year old little girl called Jenny who lives with her mum, I love PC's Gaming, testing, testing, testing, football or soccer as you americans like to call it, music (rap mostly also hardhouse and trance).


I work for a monopolist Telecoms company helping cutomers fix there broadband and phone lines and wish to run my own computer shop/workshop in the nearish future.


I, Like Angry also like too help ppl thats why I hang around tech forums a lot (having a net connection @ work is another reason)


well there is a little about me


see ya

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