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Air or Water ?


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This may be true, however, there is no need to go with the copper and let me tell you why.


1. weighs a lot

2. cost more

3. Testing shows that the XP90C cools only about 2-3C better than the XP90


The best bang for the buck would be a XP90 with a panaflo fan. You can get that at svc.com

I'm not disagreeing with '
' comments here because he is essentially correct about this. However, when you want to push you machine (CPU) as far as it can stably go, you will find that every little 1C degree of temperature can make all the difference when pushing your OverClock to the next level. Right now, because of ambient room temperatures, I have my CPU running at 3000MHz on 1.54 volts. At these settings, my rig hits about 48C degrees under load making it VERY difficult to get any OverClocks that are even slightly better. The rule of thumb is to keep your temps at or below 40C at idle and at or below 50C at load when you OverClock.



are u 100% sure? because i want to save money but keep my pc kool
what is better panaflo or vantec tornado? i think tornado is better cuz cfm and speed...idc bout noise. i want cold cpu plus it is cheeper than pAnAflO

I agree with you 'SkY[uK]', you should get the best one if you have decided to go the “air-cooling” route and I believe that the
may be your best bet as it has gotten extremely good reviews for an ‘air-cooler’.

if your at the stage you want to mod your pc - go watercooling - its awesome - not only in terms of temperatures, but noise also - I hate the sound of jets firing up - lol! - even whilst gaming there is no raise in noise - unlike when one fires up a graphics card - just imagine how much noise there is in SLI......


tbh - DangerDen for teh win.........you won't look back...

I agree



what is THE best air cooler, what is second best?

Thermaltake’s XP-90C or the
. Here are a couple of relevant threads I’ve posted in on this very topic:



Here’s a snippet from one of those links:



Check the fan reviews at the end.


A64 HS Guide:

I read your link and it is awesome! But, the
, though it comes with clips you won't ever need, it does NOT use those clips for mounting on the LANPARTY nF4 boards. I own an
and it screws into the board just like any other LANPARTY approved HS. It is VERY solid and secure. It does weigh 690 grams, but our LANPARTY boards can easily handle that. The new and even MORE highly recommended
weighs in at
795.3 grams (without FAN)
. Our LANPARTY boards will still handle even this kind of weight very easily. Here is a useful post I brought over from another thread:



This is not a slam against
ThermalRight's XP-90C
, because that's what I'm using and it works fine. However, the
has been more highly rated than the XP-90C. One source is
magazine and there are MANY review links listed on how wonderful it is right at the Cooler Master website in the link I provided in the
blue colored
"Cooler Master" text above. Or, you can just use the list of review links below:









Also, you should know your
you buy any
. The
primary metals used in HS are
is cheaper, is half the weight and "
, on the other hand, "
better than
and has nearly
the tensile strength of
. The
will have a
of a pure
base-pan and pipes, with all
fins. This
Cooler Master
model is exactly
combination and contains
in its pipes for even better thermal conduction. A
fan comes with it and a second fan CAN be added. Click
to see even more photos of
! I Hope you’ve enjoyed my post.

So yes, I do favor the HSF by Cooler Master over Thermaltake’s XP-90C. Again, I hope this helped

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thnx, i will get a hyper 6 , where can i get another 100mm fan?

I just spoke with '
' at
Cooler Master
, extension 120), she said that currently if you want another 100mm fan to request one from them directly by inquiring at
said that they cost about $7, plus another $5 for shipping. Here is the rest of their contact information:



Cooler Master USA, Inc.

C.A. Office:


ONTARIO,California 91761

Phone: 909-673-9880

Fax : 909-673-9882 or 9883




Product Review:


That’s all I've got for you. Hope this helps

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wow, u went throught all that trouble, thanks alot, i am truly thankful

No trouble at all


Be sure to measure the width and dimensions of your case first to make certain that the HSF will fit properly though; I'd hate to see you buy all this stuff just to find out that it didn't fit correctly





Good luck with everything '
'; let us know how it all works out :nod: !

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']Is this liquid cooler any good? Cooler Master Aquagate for $110


Every Cooler Master product I owned cracked, or leaked, or cracken and then leaked. They are beautifully made but of crappy materials.

And try to get any reply from the company.


For a $100 or so, I have had good suxxess with the KingWin unit.

It cools a CPU, VN 6600, and the NF4 rather well.


You might consider replacing the tubing with 8mm ones. I could show you

how to install them for a leak-proof setup.


Get a non-conductive coolant. Worth the peace of mind. Frozen CPU has

a non-toxic and a non-non-toxic (toxic in plain English :-) for 1/3 the price.


Make sure everything is ultra clean for the non-conductive liquids, and test the liquid for conductivity before use.


Main advantage of liquid cooling is: The cooling is done where you want it (outside the box, typically), and will normally be much quiter.


Also, you put 4oz device on your expensive CPU, not a pound and a half,

and the device leverage is one inc or less instead of 4-6 inches.


To the cooling Nuts: I am designing an insulation-less active cooling for UOC. Details may follow.



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']what air cooler to get? xp-90c with tornado/fast fan?


btw, what did ur water cooling cost?

Ya, i found this 92fan that blow 110CFM, with 56.1DbA noise (lol airplane)

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If going with the Asetek there is a install issue with the DFI nF4 motherboards, you might want to be aware of as posted at VapoChill here


The intro paragraph is below. They have a work around see link.




VapoChill Micro support announcement related to DFI motherboards pixel.gifpixel.gif


A problem related to the mounting procedure of the VapoChill Micro on DFI motherboards has been pointed out. All VapoChill Micro retention clips are made directly out from AMD/Intel design specifications, and even so there is a deviation between the VapoChill Micro retention clips and the plastic socket mechanism on DFI motherboards.




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