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Air or Water ?


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I know you may not be able to afford this, but I just wanted to show everyone some pics of this very "
system by
. The best price I found it for was $294.49, with
, at
. And, here are those photos:



Click on any of the pictures to go directly to this product’s page at its manufacturer's website. I'll do another post with more pics too.

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Here are yet some more pictures of Thermaltake's SYMPHONY (CL-W0040):



Click on any of these photos to go to this product's review over at
Overclocker Cafe'
to read the review and you can read this other review at
too, if you can read German! This seems to be the best aftermarket, stand-alone, CPU,
setup I've found to date. Its hull is made entirely from
aluminum and it sports
"quiet" fans to improve cooling performance. It looks like quite a show piece!

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I think processors (AMD64 of course) do not need extreme cooling these days, its better but not mandatory. The real issue is to watercool video cards, as they specially in SLI or XFire would make a lot more heat than a single processor (nearly twice the power than a single cpu).


Right now my temperatures with the watercooling are 38º C max for the 3700+ SD @ 2.99 ghz / 1.58 volts, and 43º C for both 6800GT cards @ 410/1100, with their power regulators at just 35º C............ before watercooling the CPU got up to 50º C or more and the cards up to 75º C or more, with their power regulators area (PCB) as hot as 75º C. The 3700+ benefit a lot from watercooling, but it was more the benefit for the video cards and case temperature.

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if your at the stage you want to mod your pc - go watercooling - its awesome - not only in terms of temperatures, but noise also - I hate the sound of jets firing up - lol! - even whilst gaming there is no raise in noise - unlike when one fires up a graphics card - just imagine how much noise there is in SLI......


tbh - DangerDen for teh win.........you won't look back....:)

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']ok im going to go with Cooler Master hyper 6 copper thencuz im trying to save money, and liquid wont make much of a difference. thx anyways all

Why not the Thermalright XP-90??? If performance/money is whats on your mind, this heatsink is the answer; it is nearly the cheapest and has a very good performance punch in comparison to other more expensive heatsinks.


The Hyper6 is better, but I doubt anyone would notice any diference against the XP-90... I tried both on a 3.0E Pentium IV a some time ago and there was no diference. Try this store: LINK All you need besides this heatsink is a 90 mm fan, which can be a Panaflo or a Thermaltake Smart Blue Fan.


Then, when you are not broke, you can easily move to water cooling... everybody's advice in this thread are good ideas.

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