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Air or Water ?


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Air or Water cooling ?


For a very overclocked cpu. (opteron 146/148/175/A64 x2 3800)


air or water... please post which model of air or water?


not to expensive... no more than $100( a lil more if neccesary) for water and $60 for air

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Phase cooling is basically using a refrigerator for your processor, and can get temps well below ambient, such as -80C or even more. Generally costs more than water cooled systems, though complete watercooling for an Sli system can cost nearly as much. And I should have read your post before voting, but for $100 you should just go with air cooling. To get good watercooling for your processor you'll need closer to $150 maybe $200. A cheap watercooler won't be any better than a good heastink and fan combo, though it may be quieter.

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Back when I bought my setup, the XP-90C and the Vantec Tornado were the best combination for "air-cooling". Now, there are at least two other choices I can think of that are considered as good or better than that, except that they both cost more, of course. Here are some pictures of them. If needed I'll overflow them into another post:







Looks like I'll be doing a second post for the other one
. You can click on any of the photos to go to the link at Newegg.com

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Personlly for Air I really liked my Zalman 7700Cu. Redlines work very well for me, they don't get the speeds some people like, but I've really liked them. The watercooling I have was around $230 I believe, though you could knock off about $50 or so and get the copper TDX instead of the silver one.

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