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2400+ Cpu Difference And What Is Cpu Thermal Throt


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ok, i with CPU-Z i got a AMD Athlon Xp model 8 and it has 256k cache


on the amd site, i saw 2 different types of 2400 processors, they were the AMD 2400+ and AMD 2400+ model 10 w/ 256k or sumfing? anyway what is the difference


also what is CPU thermal throttling, i got a Epox 8rda+ and the CPU thermal throttling option is set on 50%.. what does this mean and what should i do with it????



also, in the same place in my bios where i change FSB and multiplyers (think its called Advanced Chipset features or sumfing), anwayz, where it says, CPU Interface, there are two options and they are optimal and agressive, i was set on optimal. WHat does this mean????/ should i leave it or change it to agressive


Btw, i got my CPU at (166*13) = 2.17 = so it posts up as a 2700+, with a Vcore of 1.625, it booted out of 3d mark 2001se, i tryed it again aand half way through of benchmarking it gave that windows blue screen. then at a vcore of 1.65, into a 2 minutes of going into windows it froze on me... SOOO, can my CPU handle these specs at all 166*13= 2700+ (i think it can), and what shoudl i raise my Vcore to??? (or should i play around with it until i get a right one




ok i edited this post just to inform, that now, at 166*13, with the Vcore at 1.8, it still boots outta 3D mark. will anything happend to the CPU with this High Vcore (or is it High, not sure), or should i continue along increasing bit by bit trying to find the right Vcore volt

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