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FS: Pqi RAM, eVGA 7800GT, 250GB Maxtor HDD, Samsung 19" monitor

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For sale:


eVGA 7800GT PCIe 256MB graphics card

stock 445Mhz core/1.07Ghz Memory


$225 + Shipping

Remember, with the latest drivers you can add this to another 7800GT from any manufacturer and step up to SLi!

Pictures posted shortly


2GB Pqi PC3200 ram (2x1gb sticks)

3-4-4-8 timings


This ram works perfectly fine, MEMtested for 14+ hours.

$125 + Shipping



Maxtor 250GB 7200RPM PATA HDD with 16MB cache


$50 + Shipping

Picture posted shortly


I dont know that anyone will actually want to buy this because of shipping, but hey...

19" Samsung CRT Monitor

SyncMaster 997DF, flat CRT


$75 + Shipping



Sorry about the crappiness of the pics, they are off of a hacked CVS one time use camera...

If you are wondering, I recently spent a large sum of money on my computer. After which I though about buying a new car, soooo.... I figure I can deal with the hit on the performance so that I can throw some money into the pot for a car, thats why all of this has come up. There are NO DEFECTS on any of this equipment.


Items ship from 76207 via USPS.

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Do you have heatware or something of eBay? I am seriously considering getting that CRT from you, on Newegg I saw a 19" one for $175...


Does it have good response time/refresh rates?

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