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trouble booting system up

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ok i have had this system up and running for a few weeks with no problem. but i didnt have all 4 power plugs to mobo installed. so i took add the final power plug to mother board i was missing. when i did this i had cleaned up my cables a bit. when system boots up i see

verifying dmi pool data ..........

back up cmos .. ok!

NTLDR is missing

press ctrl+alt+del to restart


i went into bios everything looks ok

i saw this before n i thought i had to do with my 2 hd. cause the system hd i had plugged into sata 2 so it was booting to second hd. so i just switched in bios n it worked. now just hangs there. load optimized defaults n made sure system is booting from hd first...

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You often see this when rig is unstable eg overclocked.

Ensuring all 4 connections are in your mobo is a good idea but will have changed the power profile, this may mean some power settings ie vcore memory volts etc., are different & need tweaking.


Should you not find anything *& the problem still persists you can copy the file from your cd as in

Windows XP users
section in croy1985 link.



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