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Came Very Close To...


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I would like to share a little story about my stupidity and forgetfullness.


So today i was sitting there listening to the nice melodic hum of the 8 fans (including vide card and chipset) and decided to see which of the 8 fans make the most noise, and will temperature really increase if i turn some of them off. So i turn off the PC, turn off the water pump, unplug all the fans, except the PSU and vide card which are neccessary.

Turn the pc back on, and without looking at the screen start plugigng and unpluging fans one at a time. About a minute later my computer reboots, so i am thinking that just one of the power cables is loose and one of the HDDs got unpluged or somehting, happened to me before. So the computer goes through boot up and then gives me a nice BLUE SCREEN with 1/2 page of text most of which i dont understand since it all tech language. I quickly reach for the wire and yank it right out of the outlet to cut all power to the PC. Then i decide to plug all the fans back in and stop messing with the PC. While digging inside i touch the water block on the CPU, and PSSS..... OUCH that thing is HOT. DOH !!! i forgot to turn on the pump. :blink:


After turning on the pump, i turned on the PC and its working fine,

wow, that was a close one.

Lesson learned, make/get a water pump relay.

I have all the parts for it (a project box and a relay), i just never got around to puting it together, i guess that is going to be my 15min project tonight after work.

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it is still work in progress, dont have much time since i am working most of the time.

But i have Kingwin Silver case, Asus A7v8x-lan mb, athlon xp 2100+, 128mb Geforce 2 :( , an d 512mb of pc2100 memory also :(

if you are just asking about water cooling setup i have:

a water block from Aquarius II kit (the very next thing on my list to be replaced with White Water), the i have my home made acrylic reservuar with Hydor L20 pump, and a Astro Van Heater core as a radiator. The pc is running at 2157mhz, and the temperatures are far from good. At about 28c room temp, the CPU is at 50/54 load/no load, that is after the water gets heated up in the whole system. The major problem is the water block. I had 1/4'' tubing, so i have to reduce the 1/2 coming off the pump. And the water flow gets reduced greatly because of this. The water block itself is a pretty poor design



now water flows directly above the CPU core, there is just a big copper thing there, take a look at the link for pictures.


I am in the process of geting all kinds of cable sleeving, shrink tubing, fans, etc....

Gota pay for college so no money for a better video card or ram right now.

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