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RDX & TCC5 Ram anyone else but me using this stuff?

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Ok, well I've been tweeking away at this ram over the last couple weeks and I'm hitting a wall at the 295x9 for this ram. I hit this same wall on my ultra-D...after a couple more weeks of playing off and on I had it at 300x9 stable @ 3,4,3,6. Now on this board though, a lot of tweaks and changes that worked on the ultra-d do not. Or they have drastically different effects.


Just wondering if anyone around here is playing with this stuff on this board and what type of settings your getting.


I'm running the ram at 2.9V which is the max rated by OCZ. Not to keen about going higher and frankly I don't think it'll help.


I'll write down all my ram settings and post them shortly. Allong with any points that come to mind.



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