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XP-90 Q's

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AMD 3700+


ok well right now with the stock HS and the stock pad i was getting 38*C idle, and 45*C load. now with the stock cooler, cleaned off, and some AS5 im getting 26*C idle, and 35*C load. this is all on stock speeds, and as soon as my RAM gets here i will be overclockign so im looking for something a bit beefyer.


now iv been reading that the Thermal Right XP-90 does the job, before i order one i would like to know, if i orientat this so that the big hangover part if facing up over teh RAM on my board. will my RAM clear underneith it on the slots closer to the CPU socket?

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lol i was planning on the Alluminum version, as the base to this cooler is solid copper that is nickle plated :P, and i dont feel like hanging that much weight off my socket with a copper one.


thanks for the clairification, im ordering one now.

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