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BIG Trouble with my Opteron 170+DFI eXpert system!!!!!

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I just get my DFI LP nF4 SLI-DR eXpert motherboard yesterday, and I have big trouble after install this motherboard into my system.


CS:Source, NFS9 DEMO(Most Wanted) runs very strange, the graphic extremely un-smooth, and frames are jumping very quickly, CS: Source also has the problem.


I used the latest nF4 chipset driver and graphic card driver. Can Not solve the problem. And I swapped both of my 7800GTX to X700Pro, OCZ PC4000EB 2GB Kit to G.Skill 1GB ZX, re-install WindowsXP SP2, still can't slove the problem. and During the WIndows XP Installation, system stay at "Installing Device" for long time, then I have to restart to finish the WinXP Installation. After re-install a freash WindowsXP SP2, problem still exist. I haven't tried the other 3D program.


My System didn't overclock at all, and tried load the default BIOS setting, no helping at all.


My system hardware is:

AMD Opteron 170

DFI LP nF4 eXpert


Raptor 74G

OCZ Powerstream 600W

Poinner DVD+-RW

Logitect LX700+Diamondback mouse


Is this mobo has bad RAM compatiblity???? Please Help...!!!! I am going to cry for it!!!! :(

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