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No post after changing SLI settings

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Hi guys,

Pls help me. I probably made a mistake by setting:

From Advanced Bios Features - SLI Broadcast ENABLE

From the Genie Bios - PCI Express Configuration 8-4-NC-8

From the Genie Bios - Dual 6600 GT Cards Support - ENABLED


Now, the LED will get stuck wth only 1 LED.

Screen is black. I can't get back into BIOS.

I tried clearing CMOS. Safeboot. None of them helps me get back into posting or BIOS.


What can I do? thanks....

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I had the same problems when trying to get my sli working. Take the second video card out. Thats what I did and it worked for me....then search these forums some more for how to correctly install sli...hope this helps.

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