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RMAing Ultra-D :(

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After 1 month of trying to tweak this thing to run stable at stock speeds, I can only conclude I got a bad board :(


I've RMA'd my ram already, trying a total of 5 different sticks with a myriad of different settings. Tried both online lans, pci lan, all lan disabled, 2 sound cards, onboard, no soundcard, 2 power supplies (Antec NeoHE 500w and OCZ powerstream 520w), among many other things.


I wanted so bad to get this thing stable so the OCing fun could begin, but I'm out of things to try. I truely hope the new replacement board is stable because I love the settings on this thing.


The best I've been able to get is 10 hours of prime95 then spontaneous reboot.

(Crashes faster in games).


Things I've tried:

4 different sticks of OCZ ram in various combination with almost every setting changed 1 by 1 then tested. (found that Drive strength helps a lot for stability :) (Normal 4, level 1 is my 10 hour prime run).

Tried multiple Bios. Multiple windows installs. With deactiving essentially all hardware 1 by 1. Tried lowered CPU multi (7x200 ouch) lowered ram multi (1/2) increased ram voltage, increased cpu voltage, increased chipset/ldt voltage, lowered ldt multiplier, long CMOS clears etc etc.


So you can save your 4 power connector, PSU speech since its pretty obvious I've been through all that weeks a go.


The only things I have not tried are different cpu, different gfx card and different mobo. (I sincerely doubt its GFX card since I get the instability in memtest boot from bios, also doubt cpu since temp is low and same issues at 7x multi).


Let me know if anyone has any last minute suggestions before I rip the machine apart and send it off for RMA.

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Sorry to hear about your woes... if you've tried everything else (and it sounds as if you have), you may indeed have come across a bad board.


For the last decade (and then some), I have been a DIEHARD ASUS/ABIT user. Sure, I'd build PC's for others based on what they wanted/could afford, but I was an eliteist, building my systems with nothing but ASUS or ABIT motherboards. Until DFI introduced the LANPARTY series... I finally took the plunge and I am very glad that I did. I hope your replacement Ultra-D resolves all your issues. Keep us updated!



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