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What Proc to use/help (sorry, long post)


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Sorry for the posts, I have been bored all day and am designing a couple new systems. Right now I am woundering what the best processor would be to use for gaming on the Intel side. Are 3.73GHz P4EE really any faster than 3.8GHz P4's, would a dual core P4EE (i think 840) be better suited. on the lower side of the price range what about a 3.4 or 3.6??? I ask this because after much thought on a new portable gaming rig, I think i might be going mATX. I am a current student and have a couple friends who are engineers, this puts me in direct access to whole gambit of CNC machines :drool: and piles of scrap/stock aluminum :drool: to make a case with. so far AMD really dosn't have any above average mATX boards and my friend (who i posted a question regarding) showed me a who bunch of stuff on Intel socket T(LGA775) mATX mobo's. Are there any thoughts on this, what board would work best, OCing potential...etc. This is what I was thinking, but am very open to comments.


ASUS or Gigabyte mobo (using the 945G chipset)

Intel Pentium 4 3.4GHz or better

IDK what ram to use should i go higher fsb loser timings or the other way around

7800gt of some variaty


don't get me wrong I LOVE DFI!!! they just don't currently make a mATX board for skt939 or for LGA775 ( though I would love to see a mATX nF4 Ultra)


also i had a post up about a new gaming comp with a nF4 UT SLI-DR and a 4000+, switch the 4000+ to something of the dual core variaty and it is the start of my new home/college PC ( the old one will, after sometime, probly not till summer atleast to see what AMD and Nvidia have to offer, be retired to my house for my dad to use).


Thanks for bearing with me guys :D

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