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Guest Cash--

pcb revisons, bios versions, diamond flash images-- OH MY!!

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Guest Cash--

Somewhere along the way, I had the misguided impression that I was not a Newb!




(now reality is sinking in) :nod:


I've been doing alot of reading, and searching on this board. It's chock full of great information, which seems to lead me to only more questions.


I am planning very soon to upgrade to a toledo core x2 4400 processor, and some geil one ram.


ram --> http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16820144341


Somewhere else along the way, I got the idea that I would need to update my bios.


From everything I have read, I understand that I need to find my pcb revision, which is fine and dandy, but when i looked over at http://us.dfi.com.tw/Support/Download/bios..._FLAG=A&SITE=NA


the only things I find are for PCB revision A.



So, in short, my question is this.

What bios do you guys suggest for my rig? Should I dig up the pcb revision first?




(added note)

This is my first DFI board, It's like a whole new world. First time I looked into the bios, I was staggered by all the options. I used to be a solid ASUS fanboy, untill I had the infamous chipset fan death problems, now my other mobo is enjoying a nice ride on the rma wave. This is a good thing, in a way. I've been interested in overclocking my stuff for a while, now that I have a DFI board it seems like a waste not to. That's a little while off for me yet tho, there is much to learn.

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Any bios made for that board you have and listed at DFI official downloads works for 'any' board exactly like yours made to this date. The note of pcb revision is there mostly for some Intel boards and is a good general warning that is posted at every bios download site where the pcb revision can make a dfference in the bios file but when you see that note you will see the bios file itself say it is for such and such a pcb and you will not see any such specifics for the bios file you actually can download officially for that model board you have.



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