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System Monitor: Menu Is Missing


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I have the following problem: since the day I reinstalled Windows 98SE w/o formatting the menu in the system monitor (sysmon.exe) is missing (see screenshot):


How can I get the menu back?


Does anyone have the sysmon.exe from WinMe? I have already tried the one from Win95 (It was on the MS site for downloading because it wasnt included in the floppy-version from win95). I havent found the Me sysmon.exe anywhere.


Does anybody know an alternative to sysmon? (I cannot use CPUCool because I need a short update intervall ther because of my CPU-temp and the automatic shutdown).


I need the system monitor to monitor the free memory over a longer time because C&C: Generals gets slower when its running long enough. This doesnt work w/ the default update interval of 1 sec.




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