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3dmark2001 And Geforce2


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I have a Asus V7100 Geforce2 mx400 (and a GeforceFX5200) and a ABit VH6T mainboard and a Soyo SY-TISU mainboard. My Geforce2 works fine on my TISU with WinXP and 3Dmarks at about 3500, default settings.

It used to work fine in my VH6T with WinXP, but never wanted to mark at default settings (except once and I didn't change any bios settings to get that to go), so I dropped it down to 16 bit.

I now have changed the VH6T/Geforce2 combo to WinME and are having driver problems, and games wont play (well, very slow graphics) and sometimes the display wont work at all.

I have nvidia driver 44.03 for Win9x/ME international, the drivers that came on the Asus CD and the Fx5200 drivers.

I have found that, on default bios settings (AGP x2, no video cache 64MB AGP apeture) the only driver that gives me any display at all is the 44.03.


What the hell is going on!?!?!?!


All was working fine and then it just stuffed up. I then couldn't get it to give any video output, so I formatted and put on a fresh Win98 and upgraded to WinME. Never been the same since!! I do have the HDD partitioned into 3 drives and only formatted the C drive so there may be a virus that Norton (Latest virus defs of course) can't find left on the other 2.


I want to keep this as a WIN98 or ME box to run stuff that wont work in XP.

Any help would be most appreciated.


Just pullin my hair out

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