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Voltages at -12V and -5V: In speedfan incorrect?

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please look at the attached screenshot, especially at the Speedfan Voltages for -12V and -5V: Is this normal?


btw, Speedfan tells me that my oced processor (Venice at 2500Mhz, ~1,5V) is only around 38°C when testing with prime95...

Is this temperature which speedfan tells me correct?


btw2, in the background, you can see Prime95 (I halted the execution after 18h). Can I say that this system is stable? Or do I need running Prime95 for about 24h?



btw3: I raised the Voltages for the LDT and Chipset, each 0,10V up. Does that do any harm to my Motherboard?



Thanks for answers!

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Btw - 38C seems low.

-12V and -5V: Is this normal?
no wrong readings


I like speedfan used it a lot on my MSI Neo Plat 754 but mbm seems better on the dfi see Other - NF4-NF3-NF2 MBM 5 Setting it cured the faulty 12v reading i was having.


btw2 - can only see speedfan but 18h should be fine.


btw3 - thats fine will do no harm. I've tried doing the same found in fact that raising the LDT did very little so now have it at stock.


luck :)

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