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Overclocking On An ECS Mobo

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Heya peepz,


I'm running an ECS P4S5A mobo wit a P4 1.8 x86 family 15 model 1 stepping two chipset.


I've got 2x 256MB Dimm SDRAM, Nvidia Geforce2 100/200 MX, 1x 40 GB Maxtor HDD, Samsung DVD, Accer 20x10x40 CD-R, Soundblaster Live 5.1and just the other basics.........ie modem, keyboard, LG monitor, etc.


I was wondering how on earth......if there is a way on earth to overclock this machine. I know there's some way through the bios but in the bios's actual setup there's only two options available. One is something to do wit frequency from 100/100 - 133/100.......and another setting has a multiple thing saying H/W Twang........but can be changed to x10 x 12 x 13 x14 all the way up to 24.......


Now.....erms thats all the details I think you need.......where do I start?

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all you can do is up the frequancy on your board sir,

I would increase it just a bit at a time like 2 to 5mhz increasments..


test out the settings.. run your normal programs.. run some bench marking progs on it.. if it stays stable! w00t! up it some more!

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