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question about G.Skill RAM and stability

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I recently bought TWO 1 Gigabyte G.Skill Ram module kits ( 1GBLC, TCCD 431)


now I tested each module in single channel mode (bank 3 or 4 I think, an orange one at the SLI-DR) to find out which two modules perform the best.


Is this the right way?


Or are the two modules of a memory module kit "related" to each other to perform best?


Thanks for answers!

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not sure of exactly what you are asking...

if its a matched pair..then yes, they are "related" to perform best.

when you say "testing", do you mean memtest? or you just runnin some benchies to see which stick is better?....you have some good ram there..should help you get get a nice oc....gl

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thanks for the answer.


How can I see if the modules are related to each other? I have ones with no heatspreader...


I've the BIOS settings as follows:


275Mhz RAM frequency, 1:1 divider

CPU ratio: 8.0

LDT ratio: 3.0

CPU Vcore: 1,425V

DDR Voltage: 2,70V


memory settings as follows:


Vddr: 2.7v

Tcl: 2.5

Trcd: 3

Tras: 6

Trp: 3

Trc: 9

Trfc: 12

Trrd: 2

Twr: 2

Twrt: 2

Trwt: 2

Tref: 4708

Twcl: 1


Bank int.: Enable

Skew control: 255 +

Drive strength: 7

Data strength: 2

Max. Async: 7ns

Read Preamble: 5ns

Idle Cycle: AUTO

Dyn. Counter: Enable

R/W Bypass: 16x

Bypass Max: 7x

32Bit Gran.: Disable




Then I tried each module in the above orange slot, if it is stable at these settings.


Two modules of the two kits (one from each kit) were REALLY unstable at these settings, they didn't pass Prime95 for 10 minutes.


The other two modules passed prime95 for more than 5 hours, and then I got the first error.


--> so my conclusion was that these two modules perform better for overclocking than the other two.


Or is there anything wrong with my conclusion?

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look at the numbers on the ic's see if they match....

as far as not being stable at 275...might be a few different things going on...if you can run memtest at these settings, your ram is not the problem..have you tried a divider?

maybe a little more volts to the cpu will get you prime95 stable...give it a try..but go easy, in small increments...post back and let us know...gl

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thanks for the answers!


What are the ic's ? The RAM chips?! or do you mean the serial numbers?



btw, today I exchanged the CPU, now I am stable (for 6 hours now, Prime95 still running) at my desired settings:


CPU: 10*250

RAM: 250Mhz


2.5-3-3-6, little looser timings now, for example Trrd=2 and Max Async Delay=8ns.

Idle Cycle Limit is 256, is that ok?


do you recommend any changes?


btw, if it is really stable for about 20h in Prime95, I'm going to try CPU= 10*260, RAM 260 with the same settings and Vcore around 1,51V.


EDIT: I also raised the Voltages for LDT to 1.30V and for the Chipset to 1.60, i.e. each 0.10V up. Is it possible that these voltages may harm the Mainboard?

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