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Suggested VDImm voltage on ballistix

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ok SO first time overclocker trying to get going -


Got my max CPU ghz at 2980 (248 FSB x 12 multi)


working on memory -what is the max voltage i should stay at?


anything is houldnt go over?


trying to figure out the max memory i can hit... so many settings... if im unstable - what settings in dram should i look at first?

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FSB Bus - 200

LDT/FSB Ratio - x5.0

LDT Bus Transfer width - 16/16

CPU/FSB Frequency Ratio - x12.0

PCI eXpress Freq - 100 mhz

COol n Quiet - Disable

Cpu VId startup - 1.500 V

CPU Vid control - auto

CPU VID special control - 110% (should i set this higher? whats too much?)

LDT Voltage Control - 1.30 V

Chipset Voltage - 1.60 V (again higher? whats too much?)

DRAM Voltage Control - 2.80 V (higher? lower? couldnt find list of whats best - only lists for OCZ, TCCD Bh-5 chips )



DRAM Freq Set - 200 1:1

CPC - disable (2T setting, was told this was best for 2 x 1GB sticks? yes or no?)

CAS latency - 3.0 (tried looser first...)

RAS to CAS Delay (trcd) - 4

Min RAS active time (tras) - 8

Row Precharge (trp) - 4

Row Cycle Time (trc) - 12

Row Refresh (trfc) - 17

Row to Row (trrd) - 4

Write recovery time (twr) - 3

Write to read delay (twtr) - 2

Read to write delay (trwt)- 3

Refresh Period (tref) - 3120 (again nothing listed for micron or ballistix memory.. any help? or suggestions?)

Write Cas Latency - AUTO

Dram Bank interleave - Enabled


DQS Skew control - auto

DQS Skew Value - 0

DRAM DRive Strength - Level 8

DRAM Data Drive Strenth - Auto (no one talked about this does it matter much)

Max Async Latency - 7.0

Dram response Time - Fast (no one said what to use here)

Read Preamble Time - 5.0

Idle Cycle Limit - 064 cycles

Dynamic Counter - Disable

R/W Queue Bypass - 16x

Bypass Max - 7x

32 byte Granularity - Disable (4 bursts) -- ** everywhere i read says to use Disable (8 burst) but that isnt an option for me - what bios contains that? is it 702? thanks


Right now with these settings im stable - ran OCCT for 10 hours, Memtest no errors, Prime 95 and superpi - all no errors! phew..


But as you can see Im still stock CPUghz - I tried running 220 FSB - and got like 40 errors in memtest... so i guess i need to know where to go from here..


Its an opteron 150, with the CABGE stepping. stock is 2.4 ghz - i would think i should atleast be able to run 3.0 ghz with the way these are overclocking ya?

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ya ive read that guide over and over and over again hehe -


i had the memory at 3-3-3-8 1t - but at 250 fsb - it got atleast 42 errors in one pass of mem test 5.


i tried to relax them - just cant seem to get stable...


saw two otehr posts of people running this same chip (opty 150 cabge) at over 3.0 ghz.. no idea why i cant - cpu is never over 35 degrees celsius in any test..


i set all the mem timings according to..http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showpost.p...179&postcount=4

that post there..


i will try your suggesting tho

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hmmm - tried this.. occt wont run stable, cant finish pi either...


am i just that unlucky? I saw 2 examples of air cooled 150's hitting over 3.0 ghz - i cant even run stable at 250 FSB...



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Which are you trying to overclock first? your CPU or your RAM?


i am a bit worried that you get errors in memtest with your RAM running at 250fsb


i would re test your RAM - set up your BIOS as if you were trying to find your max RAM speed (as detailed in AMD o/c'ing guide) set your RAM FSB to 250 and run a full memtest. If you get any errors then i think you should contact Crucial and tell them it's not runnig at stated speeds. You may have some duff sticks! :(

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ok i tested my cpu out first - lowered LDT ratio to x3 - set divider to 1:1 - loose timings now - 3-3-3-8 1t - all else on AUTO -


CPU max ghz - 248 FSB x 12.0 - anything above that and i get errors in OCCT, and SuperPI... grrrr cant believe this cant break 3.0 ghz what a crappy OC..


To test mem - lowered CPU multi to x8.0 - FSB back to 200 - divider still at 1:1 - LDT ratio to x5.0 -


@200 FSB - no errors on test #5 of memtest..

@220 FSB - atleast 40 errors on test #5 of memtest...


Is there a way to tell which stick is bad? im running 2x 1gb of PC4000 ballistix.


I have a 3rd stick here - as Im waiting on a 4th stick.. Should I just test each one in the 2nd orange slot - and try to hit 250 FSB with this setup , or am i forgetting a setting?


If its pc4000 it SHOULD run at 250 FSB right?

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when testing your mem you need to put the LDT ratio down to about 2.5 so you know it isn't causing you problems.


yes you can test one stick at a time, just do exactly as you have been but with only one stick.


If you can't get 3-3-3-8 timings at 250 fsb i would be considering RMAing them, but check the crucial website first and see what they say

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