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DFI board keeps resting

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hi guys


my computer keeps reseting its self!


i have change me memory as that went faulty but had a phone call of ocz about it and they think my mobo is frying my memory as it has started to happen again.


i have tryed diffrent memory in there and it is find but cant keep the ok mem in there as it is not mine and dont want the mobo to fry it


do u think it could me my mobo frying the mem if not what is the problem as everythign is @ stock speeds!


my set up


dfi sli dr

4000+ cpu

1 gig ocz ddr4200

hiper type r 580w

1 74gig rw

vapochill LS (not in ue at moment)


Any one shead any lights on me problem!!!!



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It takes 3 volts to get it to boot at 200, 0r 250+? If it takes 3 volts just to boot at 200, even if you were using BH5 you would way behind.. I would be taking a close look at my memory and possibly using a voltmeter in the dimm slot to test actual voltage..

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