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Device Manager & Temp Monitoring Qs

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Got a couple of questions.

Firstly in Device Manager in WinXP (SP2) under the heading: Other Devices -> Universal Serial Bus (USB) Controller - I have a yellow questionmark.

I'm guessing its the USB2.0 drivers but for some stupid reason my Pioneer DVD-RW DVR-108 cant read the DFI Drivers & Utilities disk that came with the motherboard.

It can read any other CD/DVD placed in it cept for the DFI disk, go figure .....


Does anyone have a link to the correct drivers I'm after?


Also I'm after something to monitor CPU/GPU & System temps.

Any good (free) programs about to suit the DFI board?


Sorry for the noob questions, I only got this motherboard a few days ago, and its my first DFI LanParty mobo.

Just being cautious so I dont stuff it up.


Thanks. :nod:

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The drivers you should be using are the Nvidia 6.70s which are WHQL :) use good for that and you can download them from Guru3d or the Nvidia site :)


On your lanparty CD will be a utility called ITE Smart Gaurdian which is software for reading temperatures and voltages.


However, I much prefer MBM5. If you type mbm5 into the search dialog of this forum you will find a post by Sound98x (sp?) who has written a great guide to setting up MBM5.

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