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Raptor ata-150 problem

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Hi, I have raptor 75 gig hdd and at boot it says ata133, but isn't the raptor ata150. If so how do i get it to report the right ata speed.

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Im not quite sure what you mean, I dont think the bios reports the speeds and your most probably reading the list of devices connected to the board, and the ATA133 bus being one of them?


If you are concerned about the drive not runnning at the speed it should, then download HDTach which is freeware.


Bench the drive on a 32mb run and search the net for results of people with a similar setup.


There was a thread IIRC made by Angry_Games about HDD benches with HDtach and other programs. So a search on this forum wouldn't go a miss.


Make sure it is a similar setup you compare to though, as the controller will also affect the bench.

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