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WTB - used Power supply 480+ watts

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I'm selling a :

Patriot 1GB (2x 512mb) Dual Channel Kit, Low Latency: PC 3200 DDR400 2,3,2,5

Stock settings are 200mhz @ 2-3-2-5 (my best OC was 217 at these timings)

At 2.5-3-3-5, I can run them at 230mhz

At 250mhz I can run them at 3-4-4-8 (maybe a little quicker)

Uses Infineon RAM Chips so I am told.


Retails for 119 on newegg.

Asking price is 100 + shipping.


I'm Buying a:

480+ Watt Power supply, thats from the certified List.

Some good models would be antec truepower, fortron bluestorm, ocz modstream.

I'm looking for anything that is supported basically.

My price range is $50-80

Have confirmed paypal.

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