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Logitech Internet Chat Headset

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So i have a Lan Party UT nF4 SLI-DR mobo and I got this Logitech headset now how can I have it so whenever I want sound coming from the speakers or from the headset.

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Do you mean to switch between the two?


Simply plugging in the headset will switch sound to the headset from the front speakers. This would be a pain to keep going around the back of the PC.


If your case has a front audio and mic jack, you could plug these up to the karajan audio module and the above effect would work.


If you had gone for the full SLI-DR and not the UT, the setup would have included a FrontX module which could have done this if your case lacked front audio jacks.


The FrontX can also be purchased seperatley too :)

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