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unofficial DUAL CORE opteron thread

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I though I would get this going with my Opty 175


this is with the IHS off and water cooled thus YMMV


I run climateprediction.net, which in my opinion is even more intense and prone to errors than prime95


I am @ 2850 and stable for >24hours running two instances of CPDN








24/7 is 285X10 with a 5/6 divider for 2850 and 237 on my VX




link to larger


and max benchable so far for me is 2915 mHz:




link to larger


I tried for 3 gHz and it was a no go even cranking up the volts, I never had a CPU temp issue BUT my PWMIC went to like 60C under load at 273X11 with 1.425 X 110% (1.61V) to the CPU under two instances of superPI and I have GREAT case airflow with an intake blowhole over my ram.........

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i'm sticking to this thread. as for now i'm mroe interested in the dual core since from what i have read at overclockers and some other forum this dual core opteron clocked a lot higher then x2's which means that they are better. man i want to get my hands on a opteron [dual core]. if someone is willing to trade for my x2. LOL waiting for more people to reply. i'm interested to see what the majority gets.

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to tell you the truth the opty's are funny you can O/C like mad with near stock volts but to get that little bit more you need to crank on the voltage


I took the IHS off because core #2 was weak, it still is weaker than core #1 but I think it helped stabilize it


guys are getting very similar results on air, you don't need WC as these chips can O/C well on very little voltage

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2850 at 1.4v?!!! :drool:


You don't even need watercooling.. well done laddie!


I love seeing other people slice up a new CPU with a razor for our amusement. :nod:

haha yeh i ove that too. i'm mroe thrilled when seeing people slice up $800+ cpui's for viewing pleasures. it's mroe thrilling when you see them slice it and then fry it afterwards :shake:

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the 175's are $500, I hope that still amuses you.......... :D

haha yes pretty much. i'm still amused. you caught my attention with that sexy baby up there that clocks so freaking HIGH! :eek2:

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hey racy or ix.

you think its better to get a retail for 525

or a OEM and 3year warranty from arch. for 476? lol



the stepping is the most important thing


I don't bother with warranty but I don't want to get into a morality discussion about it, my IHS is off, I am overclocked, there is no warranty


CCBWE 0530TPMW are the ones we have had luck with so far


same week as some of the single core CABNE's..........

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AMD Opteron 165 Denmark 1GHz FSB Socket 939 Dual Core

at newegg.com


link= 165 Denmark 1GHz FSB 2MB L2 Cache Socket 939 Dual Core





Brand AMD

Series Opteron


CPU Socket Type

CPU Socket Type Socket 939

Tech Spec

Core Denmark

Name Opteron 165

Operating Frequency 1.8GHz


L2 Cache 2MB

Process Type 90 nm

Hyper-Threading Support No

Hyper-Transport Support Yes

64 bit Support Yes

Multimedia Instruction MMX, SSE, SSE2, SSE3, 3DNOW! Professional

Voltage Variable

Cooling Device Heatsink and Fan


at $323




how about this processor????????????

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Anybody have a Opty 165 (CCBWE 0534SPMW)/DFI NF4 Ultra and is using OCZ4002048ELDCPE-K (1 GB x 2)?


I should be getting my board on Monday and would like to know what kind of settings I should start with. My goal is to get to 2.5 and anything else after that would be gravy.

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