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Can U File Share....

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okay, i hve a computer running fat32 and a computer running nfts, im having a little trouble file sharing, is that becuase 2 different systems?

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first off what I would do,

What ever computer u have the shared file on go in to network neighbor hood there.. and see if you can access it.. if you can.. yay!..


If you are running an XP machine.. and a Win98 or Win2k and a Win98 machine on the Win2k machine you are going to want to set users..

set a username the same name as what ever u gave to the 98 machine.. and give it a password.. or not.. what ever u want..

Cuz if you dont you will get some weird login thing commin up.. and yeah..


dont get me started there..


2nd off.. Make sure all the comps are have the same WorkGroup name...

it just makes it easier.. dont ask why..




share something on the 98 machine.. and see if the XP or 2k machine can get in to it.. if you can.. well YAY!


If you cant.. replay back what errors you are getting.


As for the 98 machine getting files off the 2k machine.. that can sometimes be more complicated.. but sometimes setting a username on the 2kmachine of the 98 box will fix it right up!


hope that helps a bit

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In control pannel go in to users and set up a name for each of the comps.. (using thier computer names)


I just tryed this and it works! w00t..


go through and make sure the computer sharing the files can go thru network neigh. and see the files and get in the folder itself..


Other then that.. I would have to spend a while thinking about it..


Ive spent.. numerious hours working the kinks out of my 0wn dang network lol..


Its some tuff stuff sometimes..

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Yeah thats soo true..


but its mostly because I spend so much time trying to get my friggen network to go!




JUst yesterday trying to get on dalnet..

I am running Windows ICS and it doesnt enable port 113 on the other machines witch is the IDENT thing.. So I spent an hr figgering this thing out..

and I finally get on..

and Linux is like were moving again!


I was like d0h!


But at least now I know how to do it..

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yeah, i was running windows ics when i had a switch......thats why i got a router, not that it didnt take my an hour to configure it because att is a loser and didnt tell me i had to clone the mac!!!

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