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Setting up RAID on an NF4 SLI-RD

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Hey guys you might know me from a different forum, prolly not lol.

Well I have two 160GB Seagate HDDs that I would like to put into RAID 0. I thought I was far too cool to look it up and I tried just going into this blindy :rolleyes: .

I have the jumpers on both HDDs set to master.. I have the Master/Slave IDE setting enabled in the BIOS. When I booted up after that I saw a new prompt that said f10 for raid. So I went in and set the mode to Striping and the block size to 128k, (is that correct?). Then I added both of the HDDs to the right side. So I tried to install windows Home (winXP Home + SP2 disk). I don't remember exactly where I got ablue screen but it was little after the part where you set your time and time zone. When I get the BSOD I think it said something about windows had to shut down to aviod damage. I think it said try to disable shadowing and some thing about cache.. I don't remember it was like 430 last night lol.

Another thing after I get the BSOD when I go into the BIOS it doesn't see the HDDs.. I have to go into auto detect to get them to show up.

Any help would be very appreciated.


Takes a long time to format 300gigs lol =/.

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