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Upgrading Bios

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Heylo Peoples,


I was just wondering how I'd go about updating my Bios. My comps running (so it says from Sisoft Sandra's Professional 2002) American Megatrends version 7.0 and the date of it is over a year old. I was wondering how to upgrade it if it's possible......


and also how do I go about unlocking everyhting and everything on a Pentium 4 1.8 x86 Family 15 Model 1 Stepping 2.


I've got a ECS P2S5A motherboard version 1.0.


Thanks for yah time and hope you guys can help.

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Go to the manufactures website..

go to downloads or support find the bios update file..

unzip it..


And read the read me file.. and it will give u exact instructions for your board..


what usually helps when your flashing, make sure there are no cops around.. or anyone who doesnt want to see you flash.. because you can get in to alot of trouble exposing yourself like that..


and.. if your going to flash make sure you have a big HD because you dont want the women laughin at ya :P

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