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G.Skill 2GBZX On sale at the Egg

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Lets just say that this kit and the Crucial Ballistix 2GB kit were the same price, which would you get?


ballistix. more proven track record and have higher oc's. ZX is good because some kits have reached 260-270 range for the price is unbeatable.

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Alright. I like the price on the GSkill a lot better, but the Ballistix is pc4000, and does have a great track record which is why I have kept it in my buy list.

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Got my ZX this morning. Preliminary results = it sucks.


Won't do even 11x228 at any voltage/settings let alone 10X250.


Save your money, it's a big crapshoot.



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Folks, if you want to overclock, get the G.Skill HZ kit, which is rated PC4000


Here's the sets:



G.Skill series:

- HX: $265/133 PC3200 - 2-3-2-5 @ 200 MHz (light blue(?)), chips undisclosed

- ZX: $213/115 PC3200 - 2-3-2-5 @ 200 MHz (light turquoise), chips undisclosed

- HS: $223/114 PC3200 - 2.5-3-3-6 @ 200 MHz (medium blue), Samsung UCCC

- HZ: $245/122 PC4000 - 3-4-4-8 @ 250 MHz (black), Samsung UCCC


The HZ and HS are the same thing, just binned differently, the HZ is

rated 250 MHz and the HS 200 MHz. The timings at 200 MHz will not be

as good as the HX and ZX sets.





The ZX is their new PC3200 kit. Good timings. It will probably not

go much over 200 MHz (seems very similar to the OCZ PC3200 Platinum),

but there are quite a few people who have it above 250 MHz.




The HX is the older PC3200 kit. Didn't see forum users posting




Note that user "G.Skill Technician" posts results of sticks he selected

out of several from the production line. This is not hidden or

sneaky, he gives examples of what you get when you get a lucky pick.


Accordingly, some user who bought sticks were disappointed with the

frequencies they get, same as for some OCZ customers. The only vendor

not affected by that seems to be Crucial where is problem is not max

bandwidth but not entirely stable sticks :)


Personally, I'd pick a nice-looking low-latency PC3200 kit and be done

with it.


Here's what to buy:

- frequency: HZ

- not enough money for HZ but user want potential for high clocks and

feels good about having UCCC chips: HS

- good timings, good overclocking if you are very lucky: ZX

- your life is too exiting and you need something boring: HX

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