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voltage,MBM5... x64? help.

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Im running with my Infinity board right now.


I've had the board in for about 30 minutes and my FSB is up to 240mhz * 10.


One thing though. The Smartguardian program doesn't run on Windows x64.

Another thing. The MBM5 datafiles aren't for the Infinity board.

What are my other options for viewing voltages ? Temps I dont really care about but would be nice. I dont wanna go back to Windows 32 bit cause I dont own a product key for that and can't activate!


Also I had a question about setting the voltages on the Genie Bios page. I understand the "Fixed CPU voltage" part but I dont get the part about "on the fly voltage" above it "voltage offset increment" and "Extra voltage" (0.0,0.1,0.2,0.3) or something like that. Also the BIOS CPU voltage shows as 1.37 when I set "by VID" which is 0.03 lower. When I set fixed voltage to 1.45 though and reboot it only reads as 1.40. Would this discrepancy cause problems ? My 12V line is also reading low. 11.87ish. I noticed my Infinity doesn't have a floppy-port to feed it additional voltage like the Lanparty does. Does anyone know to what component the floppy-port feeds power to on the Lanparty?


Also, I installed my RAM in the BLACK slots(closest to CPU). I heard on the Lanparty that changing RAM slot colors has an effect. My double-sided double-heatspreader RAM is generating a lot of heat thats why I put it closer to the CPU fan. I really wish they staggered the channels, so there could be SOME airflow on the inside between the sticks, cause right now theres only airflow around the outsides of the sticks.

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Im starting to see now why Lanparty is better ! :P The bios for this Infinity is totally different. And I did some reading, and found out that the board has sensor problems, so its not just me.


And I encountered a strange problem which Im unable to fix right now after changing some stuff.....


The bios settings are set for 280 * 9 multiplier at 1:1 memory clock and it actually displays 2520 mhz in the bios screen. So for some reason it boots into windows fine, however when I look at my CPU speed in sandra, it reads as 1800 mhz !! this would be 200 * 9 (like the FSB somehow got set to 200 even though bios reads 280) and so the system is stable at that speed, but when I click "Get values" in clockgen the system locks up. Understandably, because its probably getting conflicting or garbage values.


I will fix it on my own probably by changing back to 10x multiplier but thats just some abnormal stuff right there.


I had a question about Tref too. Infinity bios displays it as 200mhz 3.9us, etc etc... How is this relate to the numerical Tref value on a Lanparty.


I might just have to get a Lanparty.

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