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Tech Support, computer freezing

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During the past month I've had my new comp I've finally

found a good stable overclock. I can install windows without

any interruptions.


But the problems start after awhile. It becama obvious when

i tried to installa WOW. The computer gradually froze to complete halt.


I had stability issues in the beginning of this configuration, but upping the vcore

solved any instability. OCCTs torture test ran for over 12 hours without any faults.

Prime 95 for 24hr. And I recently reinstalled windows.


But when I try to install a game, unpack rar archives or when I do something stressful, the computer grinds to a halt.


Note, i try to install to a raptor, and when i first encounterd this problem there was an error on the disc.


I have no real idea of what it can be.... maybe somone here has an idea........


faulty windows (duh) or something wrong with the hardware.


will try to run WDCs drive repair tomorrow and see if this gets sorted out.



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the thing is, the drive is on sata, and the chipset drivers are installed.


In my setup there's 1 sata boot and 2 IDE storage......

On my boot I install my games too..... during this installation the computer freezes.


And before i rteied to install windows i let memtest run for 24hrs to insure stability.


Thanks for the answears guys

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