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USB 2.0 issues

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ive had my dfi lanparty ut nf4 ultra-d since early june, and i love it. the only thing is that i cant figure out how to get the usb2.0 drivers to work...ive tried reinstalling the drivers altogether; which means i uninstalled them and reinstalled them again, i updated them TODAY from nvidia...and still, no usb2.0...somebody please help me bc i just got the new video ipod and it wont even copy all my music bc im running on usb 1.1, and i know its the usb because i tested it on my brothers pc which has usb 2.0 and it worked fine so...help please!!

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case and board ports all read as usb 1.1, i got two usb ports on the top of my case and a ton on the motherboard...i think there are like 6 lol, and they are all 1.1 because on that list it gives you when it says, " click here to see a list of available usb 2.0 ports" theyre all 1.1

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Might want to update that bios. Same bios that came with mobo. Latest official is 623-3. Use the flash express already created. http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showpost.p...9&postcount=158 plus there is an official way to flash.


flash, on reboot turn off.

Pull power

Pull battery

Set jumpers to *clear*

Let it sit at least 8 mins plus you can hold the case power button for a few to discharge the components

reset jumpers

put battery back in

boot to bios and load optimized defaults ..save exit..

Boot back and reconfigure.

Don't use any reloaded settings

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