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Physical Address Extension Gone?

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I have just updated my bios to the latest offical 2005/05/04 version, loaded optimised defaults but now under System Properties the Physical Address Extension listing is gone from under the details.

The DEP setting is still there under advanced but I cannot change the setting.

Is it turned off in the bios?





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DEP has nothing to do with PAE (To be honest this would be the 2nd time I've heard someone say DEP and PAE together).


Do you want PAE or not?

That's the big question, a yes or no answer will suffice lol ;).


Here's how to enable it:


/// C:Boot.ini Example


multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(1)partition(1)WINDOWS="Windows Server 2003 SP1 Enterprise VLM PAE" /PAE /noexecute=AllwaysOff /fastdetect /usepmtimer




/PAE is what you need, del it or put it there.


Now for the registry entry you'll need:




[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetControlSession ManagerMemory Management]


;Physical Address (PAE) Extension Enable


;It'll revert back to 0 (Disabled) if the switch /PAE is'nt in the boot.ini file




Set it to 0 for disabled.

1 for enabled...


Now you must give it all or none lol, it won't work without BOTH.

So you decide what you want and all and use this info to get you there ;).

It should have nothing to do with the bios btw, unless the bios can disable that register from the cpu, which is sorta doubtful but I guess I can't rule it out.


I suggest you don't use it unless you absolutely need it, or know how to balance the perfomance back into your favor while in this mode.



Every single copy of windows I have does not setup PAE as enabled by default so I dn how you guys are doing it lmao.

Must be oem or retail ver's of windows I guess....




As for DEP being non adjusable, I dn ^^ :).

I allways disable that thing.

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