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Board will not boot after switching off

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My board is finally running pretty well apart from one problem. If I shut down the PC and then try to switch it on a few minutes later the PC will not boot. I get no VGA, just a series of long beeps (which according to my Big Book of Bios Beeps for Boys is a 'no memory present' error).


If I leave the PC for an hour or more and try switching it on again it then works. Removing the power cord from the PSU does not accelerate how quickly I can turn it on after switching it off. ANything less than around 50mins is no go.


I think this started happening after I upgraded the BIOS to 702bt - which is a shame cos it solves my other problems (typical!). Should I flash back to another BIOS (which one?) or is there another solution?


Hardware: DFI NF4-SLI-D, Athlon 3500+ Winchester (stock), OCZ VX PC4000 2x512Mb @ 200MHz 2-2-2-8 3.2v, Vapochill SE, PC Power & Cooling 520SLI Deluxe, 2x Leadtek GeForce6 6800GTs in SLI

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I think it is the BIOS. The Vapochill has always been fine because its only a baby one that doesn't get that cold.


Trouble is, what BIOS is the best one to roll back to? Am I gonna have to move my memory back to the Orange slots (they are in the yellow ones at the moment)?


The reason I like my current BIOS so much is because it's the only one that doesn't give me errors in MemTest86 near 250MHz (after a LOT of tweaking).


One other thing I guess I should mention is that the PC does seem to freeze after about a day of use - the VGA signal will suddenly be lost and it no longer responds. I still haven't got to the bottom of that one yet - all temps and voltages seem to be OK, and it happens even with the CPU at 1250MHz and the RAM at 200.


Somethings up...

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