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USB2 - iPod @ StartUP ?

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Hello, ive currently installed the USB2.0 Drivers!

and it works with my printer.

but when i plug in my USB 2.0 iPod Mini Cable, at startup it stops and says theres a new device and its been affected somewhat in BIOS or CMOS, and then it says

F1 = Continue

Del = Enter BIOS


so the first time, i entered F1, and then it went and showed me all the USB Device info like

Apple iPod


then said

DIM Pool Settings. . .

CMOS Backup . . . OK!

then it stopped/Paused for ever,so i restarted went into bios bla bla, then exited and i loaded into Windows, and this time, i got in,THEN i plugged in the ipod USB and it works...but i want to know what to edit in BIOS or whatever, so i can have the USB2 iPod load at the startup of computer... thanks.

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