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At wits-end with OCZ/Mobo and Nvida!

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Hi all

Yet again I am still searching for the elusive stability I so crave!


The PC is now able to run Memtest (windows and BIOS) versionwithout errors (24hrs+). Prime 95 finds now errors after an overnight run and I thought I was getting somewhere! But ...


I have done a number of things:


1. Followed RGone's guide - nada; booted ok but crashed.

2. Upgraded to Bios 6-23 and following Hitman's advice and reset BIOS upping DRAM Voltage to 2.8V - that still had same behaviour.

3. I tried resetting all settings to AUTO and manually changing CAS etc to 2.5-4-410; but that just got me into a reboot loop at the stage the CMOS is about to be saved.


Dram settings now: (a = auto)


200 (1/:01) - a- 2.0 - a - a - a 07 - a - 2 - 2 - 2 - 3 - 3120 - a - Enabled

a - 0 - a - a - a - fastest - a - 256 - 16x - 7x - disable


only other things is CPU mulitiplers now explicitly set to 12x (though CPU-Z reported this when on auto)



What's galling is the way its crashing The PC seems stable enough when tested but if I play a directX related game - my test is Dawn Of War, then the follwing happens:


1. Screen goes blank.

2. Sound continues. Its as though the blank screen saver has come on.

3. About 5 seconds later machine reboots.

4. Machine tries to restart (still no screen)

5. Sometimes it manages to boot into windows - i can hear the start up chimes so I press winkey folowed by U then U ; this restart the machine.

6. I have to turn the machine OFF.


What the hell could it be? I've rebuilt the machine double checking the components - there only a couple of USBs (printer, modem, and keyboard)


I am actually starting to thinks its something other than the memory - PSU supply to video? Is there a way of supplying more *oomph* on the vid line?


Please help - I am now tearing my hair out - its not as if I am trying to do anything really outrageous.



Here's some pictures of bios and boot up:


genie Bios

genie Bios - dram

genie Bios - dram2


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Guest Spartacus

Look at the settings you posted, and note the setting "fastest" and ask yourself if that setting should stay that way in an unstable system. :)

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I did - but that was upped frmo normal, to fast to fastest.....


happy to go back to normal i fou think it would help - but those settings got me throught memtest!

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Many thanks for the link - its always easy to miss one having spent hours trawling through the archives. One question: If 'fastest' is such an issue - would did Prim95 and Memtest not discover an issue in over 48 hours of constant testing?


I have put it back to "normal" with same results.



Really! Does that mean I am on a non-starter, or just a horrid craw to find the right settings?

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That reboot sounds a lot like Windows is bluescreening and rebooting itself. If you'd like to confirm that, go to Control Panel/System/Advanced and in the "Settings" button under "Startup and Recovery", uncheck "Automatically Restart".


If you do this, the next time it does that reboot thing, if it's a bluescreen, it'll just stay up. Note the stop code (Stop 0x0000001E or whatever it is) and any parameters on the stop code. You can google stop codes actually although some are awfully common and if you're at a questionable OC then of course you don't need to google the stop code as you know what is causing it. ;)

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Cheers. Have printed that off now and will try playing with settings tonight



Its funny you mention that; but the XP thing of sending the report off to Microsoft has sometimes resulted in "device driver" error or "NVidia display driver" error. Another factor of why I was going down the "borked Gfx/power" train of thought. Its something else to try tonight - if I get a chance.



Cheers - didn't know about that site. I've now registered and can search their forums too!


Well - back to work!

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You probably have done these, but I do not see it mentioned so I will throw it out there.

Do you have all four power connectors connected? Do you have the power connector connected to the video card?

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OK you are memtest and prime stable but you are having problems with games? Have you tried reinstalling the drivers after using drivercleaner? Same for directx.


If you were uinstable for a wile without a OS reinstall your OS might be borked too.


That 2 4 4 timing seems a little unusual but if it works I would not try changing it untill you fix your other problems .

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